The Best Setting Powders For Dark Skintones

Finding the right shade of powder for darker skin tones can be a major beauty challenge – especially when so many brands offer only a handful of shades that are suitable for darker skin. Thankfully, things are improving with more and more brands expanding their ranges with broader, deeper, and even transparent shade options. 

Here are some great options.

Makeup Revolution Banana Baking Powder

“Okay, so I am not one for baking, but the Makeup Revolution Banana Baking Powder is great for so many other reasons. First off, I’m so pleased I’ve found a setting powder that doesn’t whiten or lighten my skin. The yellow based tone is great for cancelling out the red undertones around my nose and cheek area and the product is so finely milled – it’s easily buildable and so soft. What I love the most about it is that it doesn’t create a veil – I never want to hide my natural skin tone, more so enhance it and this powder brightens and sets so beautifully. I apply this by pouring a small amount into the cap then using a short bristle brush, I buff this into my skin, focusing on the areas that appear shiny throughout the day such as my T-zone. I also pat a little onto my under-eye area too. Finally, a setting powder that doesn’t alter my skintone, but brightens and keeps my make up looking fresh and glowy all day!” – Elise, @lumi_lise

RCMA No Colour Setting Powder

“If you’re looking for a setting powder thatʼs affordable, black girl friendly, and doesnʼt give flashback, then the RCMA No-Colour Powder is the setting powder for you. To be very honest, I was very sceptical when applying this powder for the first time because itʼs so white in colour. But, to my surprise, this powder blends in flawlessly with my dark skintone, sets my concealer in place, feels very smooth on my skin, and also doesnʼt give a flashback!” – Bemi, @beautybybemii 

Makeup Revolution Bake & Finish Powder

“Once my contour is blended and highlight is in place, it’s time for baking. The Revolution Bake & Finish Powder looks like it’s meant for pale skin tones, but the finely milled powder can be lightly added to the under eyes and contour crease to create the perfect carve, whatever your skin tone. The lightweight feel is soft, buttery and causes no flashback when it comes to photography. Using a beautyblender to bake where needed, the powder is impactful when delivering long-lasting results. For all our oily-combination women, this powder keeps shine at bay, all the while creating a soft and subtle finish on the face.” – Nateisha, @nateishascott 

Milani Dark Deep Powder

“Now this is a lifesaver! I never really have makeup in my handbag apart from lipgloss or the lipstick I’m wearing that day. However, in winter the cold weather means my eyes are always watering and so my under-eye concealer will crack a little. The only thing I can do to prevent this is to top up my powder – this fixes any cracking under my eyes and it works perfectly! Milani’s Conceal & Perfect Shine-Proof Powder gives off a natural finish and can help tone down a really bright under eye concealer. It is great for the T-zone and you don’t even need a lot – I highly recommend this for your handbag and on-the-go touch ups.” – Shantania, @shantaniabeckford