Which Ultra Violette SPF Is Best For Me?

We all know that SPF is a non-negotiable skincare product – essential for protecting skin from UV damage which can trigger common concerns like redness and inflammation, as well as leading to long-term damage and early signs of skin aging. But when it comes to picking the right SPF for your skin type, things can get complicated. Many people skip SPF if it leaves their skin feeling chalky or greasy, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Australian-made SPF brand Ultra Violette is here to change the game, with a capsule collection of SPFs designed to look good, feel nice to wear, and protect your skin as effectively as possible. 

Sroll down to find the right Ultra Violette SPF for your skin type. 

Best for normal skin: Queen Screen SPF50+ Luminising Serum Skinscreen

Ideal for skin which is calm, balanced, and needs just a little hydration and glow (don’t we all). Queen Screen is a lightweight, serum-textured formula which melts into skin and creates a smooth, seamless base for makeup. 

Best for oily skin: Lean Screen SPF50+ Mattifying Zinc Skinscreen

This zinc-only mineral SPF gives skin a subtle matte finish, perfect if you’re prone to oiliness or find that SPFs typically make your skin look and feel greasy. What’s more, unlike other mineral formulas, the Lean Screen absorbs smoothly and leaves zero white cast. 

Best for dry skin: Supreme Screen SPF50+ Hydrating Skinscreen

Packed with hydrating and brightening ingredients like glycerin and kakadu plum, Supreme Screen is ideal for skin that can look and feel dry, tight, dull, and textured. As hydrating as a moisturiser and as smoothing as a primer, this is the ultimate multi-tasking product. 

Best for sensitive skin: Clean Screen SPF30 Fragrance Free Weightless Gel Skinscreen

If your skin is sensitive, reactive, and prone to breakouts then chances are you haven’t had a great experience with SPF in the past. Clean Screen is here to change that. Specifically formulated with your skin in mind, it has a weightless gel texture and fragrance-free formula.