The Best By BEAUTY BAY Makeup Products, According To You

If you’ve been around for a while, then you’ll know that our own brand, By BEAUTY BAY is truly worth the hype. For the obsessed, by the obsessed, we’re committed to bringing you the best products out there, without breaking the bank. Whether it’s one of our viral eyeshadow palettes, our butter smooth blushers, or our super pigmented liners, each and every product is worthy of a place in your makeup bag.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out what you, our customers, really thought… You won’t be disappointed.

Bright Matte 42 Colour Palette

“Couldn’t love beauty bay shadows more! Best around for the price and quality!” – Anne, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“Lovely range of colours in this palette, I am still experimenting with the amazing variety and creating looks that are beautiful and last all day. I love the colour payoff and how easy it is to work with.” – Sapphire1991, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“If all the TikToks were not enough – it really works and definitely worth the price! Amazing quality!” – Anastasia, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

“So happy with this find. It’s definitely great value for what you pay” – Ellen, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“Very good applicator, easy to apply and stays well over the eye and in the lashline” – Gvat, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“I LOVE THIS!!! Such a great eyeliner, super pigmented and really easy to apply. One of the best I’ve bought and easy to do fine lines which can be super tricky with felt tip liners” – Steph, BEAUTY BAY Customer

The Pastels Palette

“My first pastels. Heard they are hard to formulate to be pigmented, but this BB pallete of pastels are STUNNING, so opaque, I am impressed” – Sullivan Offer, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“I adore this palette!! The colours are stunning and timeless in my opinion and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Super affordable as all Beauty Bay palettes. If you don’t have this already then I would highly recommend!” – Elize Beauty, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“This palette is so cute, I was concerned that it would only work for very fair skin and I’m glad it’s not that way. I’m medium tan and it works great on me, the formula of the eyeshadows is powdery but it’s easy to blend and to work with it even if you’re a beginner like me.” – Irlanda, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Eye Base

“I really love this formula as it makes eyeshadow stay on longer whilst looking more vibrant!” – Anja, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“So creamy and easy to blend out, has coverage to help conceal. Leaves a slightly tacky base perfect for eyeshadow, lasts all day!” – Abi N BEAUTY BAY Customer

“Grips glitter eyeshadow all day without eyelids feeling dry or overloaded with product. Great base for any skin type.” – Ciara, BEAUTY BAY Customer

NikkieTutorials X BEAUTY BAY Pressed Pigment Palette

“Helloooo Beauty Bay x NikkieTutorials pallet. I’ve been wanting to purchase this pallet ever since Nikki released it and I finally did! Could not be more happier. I think I nearly cried when it arrived. Incredibly pigmented and the shimmers are to die for! I wore this pallet to work and was complimented on it straight away. The formula is just incredible and the colour pay off even without a base is phenomenal!” – Megan, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“The quality is INCREDIBLE. The colors are amazing.” – Athena, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“I never leave reviews but this deserves one! This palette is the best out there! All the shades perform so well and are so pigmented. The shimmers are like butter! This is the only palette I need for travel. And the pans are huge! You get a ton of bang for your buck!” – LauraCoutureXO, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow Amethyst

“First time using. Love it and would definitely buy more colours” – Caitlin, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“Looks just like the picture. Stunning colour and payoff. Lasts very well and not sticky on the eyes. Bought more colours since this purchase. Would recommend.” – EmmyLou, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“First of all the shade is lovely and more intense than I thought. Second, the coverage is impressive! I have mostly had bad experiences with liquid eyeshadows as they are often slightly tinted with sparse glitter. This one lasts long and sparkles soooo much.” – Fiorella, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Powder Blusher Bitten

“This blush is just what I’ve been looking for!! I’m fair and this gives a stunning light flush but is buildable for a bolder look” – Hannah, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“Great blush for the price! It blends very smoothly and offers great pigmentation that lasts all day.” – Jamie-Lee, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“I absolutely adore blush so I was excited to see these little guys come out. I got the shade Bitten and it’s the most beautiful dusty rose mauve colour that goes with more blue toned make up looks! Packaging is sweet and sturdy too. Recommend!” – Ronnie, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Micro Sketch Brow Pencil

“I love this! The colour are perfect for my cool toned, pale skin and medium brown hair. Easy to use and thin enough to give a natural look if that’s what you want. Will repurchase!” – Lina, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“Great brow pencil. The nib is so small that it’s perfect for a natural brow but also can be used for a perfected full brow moment.” – Sian, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Brow Fixer Fibre Gel

“Really good product, made my brows look fluffy and full without looking false, helped with a sparse bit on one of my eyebrows, and they stayed brushed up like soap brows, which my eyebrows haven’t done with any other product.” – ljc47, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“Love this, keeps my brow hairs in place all day and adds some pigment to make them look more natural! Brilliant for the price!!” – Georgialily26, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Nude Lip Collection Lip Liner Quad

“Very new to the lip liner world I will admit but in my opinion these are beautiful! They are super creamy, work so well over matte liquid lipsticks and I love them! They are the best selection of nude shades and work so well with my ever growing lipstick collection and with glosses, they’re wonderful. I have also used toast quite a few times and its still as sharp as the day i bought it so they wear well too!” – Jezzie_x, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“I find the formulation to be just the right amount of waxes and hydrating factors so that the colour stays in place for a long time without feeling dry. They’ve become my new favourite lip pencils.” – Chrysanthe, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Lip Gloss Candy

“Couldn’t ask for a better lipgloss! the smell makes you want to eat it! and it has a slight colour to it but nothing major, if you want a gloss to go over lipstick this would be perfect! I like wearing gloss on its own so this is still perfect! 100% would recommend and will be buying more!!” – Beth, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“Gorgeous colour, smell and texture! So happy with it! Will definitely be trying more colours” – Rachel Victoria, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“I usually avoid gloss because it ends up on my teeth or bleeding outside my lip line onto my face, but this formula is perfect for me! Looks nice alone or on top of lipstick. It’s not too sticky but doesn’t disappear after 5 seconds… smells lovely and I realise I’m actually excited to apply and reapply (even if I don’t actually need to add anymore…) call me addicted!” – Julz, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Crayon Eyeliner Metallic Collection Quad

“I struggle to find an eyeliner that’s both easy to apply and does the job and I was so pleasantly surprised to find that these eyeliners do both! Creamy and lovely colour pigmentation and so easy to apply. They stay on perfectly for the majority of the day and the colours are gorgeous. I’ve now invested in some other shades too as so impressed for the price.” – Strokey1375, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“I’m so glad I bought these. Simple packaging but the contents pack a punch. The colours are great, really strong and will make a statement when I can finally dress up and go on a night out! However you can wear them day to day too. The liners are soft and easy to apply. They glide on nicely.” – Jo Abz, BEAUTY BAY Customer

“These liners go on really easily. No tugging and they are really pigmented and a bit of sparkle. They stay put all day too. Really good quality.” – Tracy, BEAUTY BAY Customer