The Best CeraVe Products For Every Skin Concern

If you’ve never heard of CeraVe, then you’re missing out. They’re going viral on TikTok, filling our skincare routines, and more importantly, they’re derm approved. Creating simple formulas that really make a difference to your skin, CeraVe has been developed with dermatologists to help transform your skin. 

CeraVe was created when experts noticed that most of our skin concerns are often as a result of the same thing – a compromised skin barrier. They then worked to develop a range of face and body skincare products that all contain ceramides, catering to all different skin types. Whatever your skin type or concern, CeraVe has the answer. If you want to find out more about the ingredients in CeraVe products, check them out here.

Keep reading to find out which CeraVe products are the best for every skin concern.

Dry skin

Ceramides work for every skin type, but if you have dry skin, they’re about to become your BFF. Pretty much all of CeraVe’s range will have benefits for dry skin, but our top picks are the Moisturising Cream and the Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Both are formulated with barrier-restoring ceramides and skin-quenching hyaluronic acid, which is a hero when it comes to hydrating the skin. The non-greasy, lightweight formula of the Moisturising Cream means that your skin is getting all the nourishment it needs, without feeling heavy or greasy. The Hydrating Facial Cleanser works to cleanse and refresh the skin, without leaving it feeling stripped, tight, or dry. Give your dry skin the treatment it deserves.

Oily skin

When it comes to oily complexions, it’s all about balancing that oil production – but this doesn’t mean to say that you want to strip all the oil off your skin, because that can actually make things much worse. The secret weapons when it comes to an oily skin routine is the Foaming Facial Cleanser and the PM Facial Moisturising Lotion. First up, the cleanser – developed with normally to oily skin types in mind, this cleanser helps to refresh the skin and remove oil and congestion-causing build-up, without disrupting your skin’s natural barrier. Formulated with ceramides to restore the skin’s barrier, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, and niacinamide to calm the skin, this is the cleanser you need. Follow with the PM Facial Moisturising Lotion – this is a great option for oily skin as it’s super lightweight, whilst still giving your skin the moisture it needs to leave it balanced and hydrated.

Breakout-prone skin

When it comes to breakouts and acne, it can be tempting to reach for every spot-busting ingredient in sight, but this can sometimes be making the situation much worse. Overusing harsh, strong ingredients can disrupt the skin’s natural barrier, making you more prone to breakouts. Don’t get us wrong, there’s definitely benefits in using spot treatments, but it’s all about moderation and making sure you’re protecting and restoring your skin in between. This is where the AM and PM Facial Moisturising Lotions come in. As is the rest of the CeraVe range, these moisturisers are filled with ceramides that help to repair and protect the skin barrier, which in turn helps to reduce blemish-creating bacteria getting in. The AM Facial Moisturising Lotion is a lightweight, non-comedogenic, oil-free formula, making it perfect for you if you suffer with breakouts – plus, it contains SPF. The PM Facial Moisturising Lotion is lightweight yet nourishing, helping your skin to recoup and repair whilst you sleep.

Sensitive skin

If you’ve got sensitive skin, then you’ll know just how important it is to keep it calm and balanced. Luckily, CeraVe has all the answers. To keep your skin strong, protected, and un-disrupted, you need to try out the Hydrating Cleanser and Moisturising Lotion. The Hydrating Cleanser cleanses the skin without leaving it stripped, disrupted, or tight, whilst the Moisturising Lotion helps to soften and restore the compromised skin barrier.

Normal skin

If your skin is pretty chill and you’re just looking to keep things in check, then pretty much all of the CeraVe products will work for you. Our faves for normal skin would be the Moisturising Lotion and Cream To Foam Cleanser – two no-fuss products that really work to keep your skin balanced, healthy, and supple. The Moisturising Lotion is a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser that hydrates the skin for up to 24 hours, meaning it won’t be left feeling dry or oily.  The Cream To Foam Cleanser is a great, all-round option – it cleanses and refreshes the skin, removing all traces of dirt and makeup, leaving you with fresh, healthy skin.

Rough & bumpy skin

If you suffer with texture, rough, bumpy skin or keratosis pilaris, then CeraVe’s SA range is the one for you. Formulated with salicylic acid to slough away dead skin cells, the products in this range help to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin, without leaving the skin feeling tight or stripped. Featuring their iconic ceramide blend, the SA range helps to restore the skin’s barrier as it renews the surface of the skin, providing non-irritating exfoliation that’s suitable for even dry skin. Our faves? The Smoothing Cleanser and the SA Cream.


Suffering from eczema and psoriasis is no joke, and whilst these products might not cure the condition, they’ll help to keep your skin’s moisture levels topped up whilst you use other topical treatments. As we keep saying, ceramides help to keep your skin’s barrier as strong as it can be. The Moisturising Cream and Eye Repair Cream are packed full of them, as well as hyaluronic acid, making them a must-have in your routine.