We’re Obsessed With… This Contour Balm

My makeup routine has been nagging me for a cream bronzer, and I haven’t had one because I couldn’t find the one, until now. I could not gatekeep this product because Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Contour Balm is everything, it is just too bomb!

I really wanted a warm-toned bronzer to complement all the different shades and tones of blush that I wear- despite the cool-tone contour conspiracies that have taken over TikTok- and this does exactly that. 

Its application is unbelievably smooth and seamless with the dreamiest, creamiest formula. No cake or patchiness, just seamless, sun-kissed dimension to your complexion. With the way it just seeps into the skin, this contour balm will have you wondering ‘who put this filter on?’ Infused with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, meadow-foam seed oil and a bunch of other goodness, this cream contour is one you can’t miss out on.

I had to apply this product with a light hand because the pigment is intense, yet so buildable. Pat the product onto the hallows of your face or wherever you desire depth, and lightly diffuse the product for a blended finish and lifted complexion for a long time, because this product really beats the test of time.

This contour balm is perfect for an everyday slay or night-time glam because a cutthroat contour never goes out of style, and I always feel like that girl whenever I have it on. I can’t believe there was life before this product, thank you Danessa Myricks.