How To Find Your Mascara Match

Choosing a mascara can be pretty overwhelming… So where do you start? Allow our beauty editor to be your mascara matchmaker, if you will, and help you to find your one, true mascara soulmate…

I’m a self-confessed mascara addict – if I had to choose a desert island makeup product/leave the house with only one product on for the rest of my life, mascara would win every time…  That, plus the fact I try more mascaras in a year than I have eyelashes (perks of the job), makes me fairly well qualified in putting together this mascara encyclopaedia (of sorts). I’ve stuck to Eyeko to keep things simple – they’re my go-to recommended brand when my friends, family, and random people on Instagram ask me for mascara recs, and they’ve never disappointed.

Swipe right, I mean scroll down, to meet your mascara match.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Brush type: Helix

Best for: Spaghetti-straight lashes that desperately need curl and definition

Magic ingredient: Keratin – rich in protein and vitamins, helps lashes to maintain their softness and elasticity

Occasion: Date night

Beauty editor’s notes: “This mascara is a great all-rounder – between the formula and the brush, it gives the perfect compromise between length, volume, and curl. The slight bend to the wand means it hugs the natural curve of your lashline and the helix brush gives an even coverage of product all over, as well as providing tonnes of volume.”

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara

Brush type: Curved with a flat back

Best for: Waterproof lashes that last for (24!) hours

Magic ingredient: Collagen – speeds up lash growth and naturally boosts volume

Occasion: Working-out

Beauty editor’s notes: “If you want a mascara that will not only last you from dawn ‘till dusk but also through an intensive spin class or a swim in the Med without flaking, fading, or drooping, this is by far the best I’ve ever tested. It provides noticeable lift and volume that doesn’t move throughout the day and the brush deposits pigment evenly and generously.”

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

Brush type: Straight and super-thin

Best for: Short, sparse lashes, and the lower lashline

Magic ingredient: Pro-vitamin B – moisture is the key to healthy eyelashes, without it lashes are prone to breakage

Occasion: Every day

Beauty editor’s notes: “If your lashes are on the shorter side, the widely-spaced bristles on this wand act like a comb – grabbing and coating every lash seamlessly from end to end. It won’t get into every nook and cranny, and it’s not great for curl, but it will pull your lashes to new levels of length, and make them appear more defined.”

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

Brush type: Small helix

Best for: Layering, and coating hard-to-reach lashes and the lower lashline

Magic ingredient: Caffeine – stimulates lash growth

Occasion: The morning after…

Beauty editor’s notes: “If layering mascara is your thing, then this is your mascara – the soft formula remains clump-free no matter how many coats you apply. What’s more, the wand is easy to manoeuvre because it’s so small, so you can capture all the hard-to-reach lashes that traditional mascara can’t get to.”

Eyeko Rock Out & Lash Out Mascara

Brush type: Hourglass 

Best for: Falsie effect 

Magic ingredient: Cellulose powder – instantly thickens lashes

Occasion: Partayyy

Beauty editor’s notes: “Bigger is always always always better when it comes to maximising the volume of your lashes – large wands have the ability to pick up a lot of product and distribute it at the root of the lashes to immediately build girth. The brush also has a round, fat tip which is ideal for spending time on individual areas – getting right into the corners and applying product to your lower lashes. It forces you to be more precise rather than just doing a few quick swipes, and results in that sultry feline sexiness.”