9 Things You Need To Know To Blow-Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

It might seem like an effortless task (brush through and blast with heat?) but like all beauty rituals, blow-drying requires a lot more skill than you’d think – and it’s easy to make simple mistakes that damage your hair and effect your look more than you might think. 

Here, top pro hairstylist and T3 brand ambassador, Louisa Day breaks down the top tips, tricks, and product buys to get a perfect bouncy, shiny blow-out, without even leaving the house. 

Blowdryer and brush are equally important

“These are the most important tools you need for the perfect blow-dry. My winning combo is the T3 Cura Luxe Dryer (which gives shine, volume, and body), while the T3 round brushes have aluminum and ceramic barrels to retain heat perfectly for creating and holding shape.” 

The order of the process is super important

“Start with wet hair and apply heat protector from the ends to roots, then brush through to make sure it’s even through the hair. Next, rough-dry the hair to about 75% dry – you’ll not only save time, but the style will also last longer! Part hair from the parting down to the back of the neck and pull each side forward so it’s easier to reach the back sections of hair and keep it taught while drying. Section with clips and starting from the bottom of the hair, take medium sized sections onto a round brush making sure the nozzle is pointing downwards. The Cura Luxe has an innovative Volume Booster switch which is great for anyone with straighter or thinner hair types! If you’re looking to add a bouncy curl through the ends use the round brush to carefully roll up the hair while still under heat. Repeat several times for each section of hair. Once you reach the crown, aim the nozzle at the roots to add volume, then work toward the ends, using the brush to pull hair forward and out. Be sure to finish with a medium hold hairspray to extreme your blow dry as long as possible!” 

Don’t make these common mistakes

“I see many women drying their hair whilst pulling hair downwards, but this can minimise the volume you have from your style. Instead, extend your hair up and out for body and bounce. Not using great tools is another common mistake! The Cura Luxe not only speeds up your drying time, but the T3 Digital IonAir technology within also helps add shine, minimise frizz and helps your blow dry last longer by sealing the hair cuticle. Using the wrong brushes is something I see too often, as people are unsure of which size to use. Choose your round brush based on your hair length – Volume 2 is ideal for short to medium length hair while Volume 3 is great for longer hair!” 

To blow-dry the back of your hair, pull it forwards 

“I recommend pulling all hair forward and working with it from in front of the neck. As long as you still gently pull the hair taught and dry at an upward angle, you will still see the volume benefits!” 

You can use your hairdryer to prevent fluffy hair 

“If you have a softer hair type and find your hair goes fluffy, I would recommend applying a light argan oil through the lengths before blow drying. Also, make sure you keep the nozzle pointed downwards, following the hair cuticle, at all times as this will help to smooth the hair – and remember to use the nozzle! The Cura Luxe comes with two nozzle attachments which help direct the airflow, specifically for styling and minimising flyaways and frizz.”  

Sectioning is key

“I recommend sectioning vertically from the parting and then horizontally from the bottom of the hair upwards, this is a great way to part for anyone new to blow drying their own hair.” 

Use the right products at the right times 

“Using the right product pre-blow dry is going to save your ends from breakage and make your blow dry last longer. At the moment I am loving the SexyHair Blow Out Heat Defence Spray – be sure to focus on the ends and work upwards. Mid-way through your blow-dry, it’s also a great idea to use a specific curling or straightening spray, depending on which way you want to style your blow dry and this can help for extra staying power. A great hair spray which is strong enough to hold your finished style, is the Fudge Professional Skyscraper Extra Hairspray and I love to add a light mist after styling.” 

Double shampoo to make a blow-dry last longer 

“Double shampooing before a blow-dry is a great way to extend your style. Be sure to thoroughly massage the scalp to get eliminate all oils. If you have added bounce or curls, a great way to keep the style for days is to loosely tie your hair in a top knot for bed, as the shape of the knot helps encourage the curls to last. Moisture and humidity are a sure way to lose your blown-out style. When showering, it’s a great idea to wear a shower cap to minimise exposure to bathroom steam! Dry shampoo is not only great for extending time between washes but is also a great way to boost the volume at the roots a few days after styling.”  

Adapt your routine to suit your hair type  

For short styles: “Use a smaller barrel round brush so you can still get into the roots with your nozzle dryer to boost volume. I recommend T3 Volume 2. If your hair is particularly short, it’s also important to follow the style your hair has been cut into!” 

For long hair: “You will certainly want to turn on the Cura Luxe Volume booster for the roots! Longer hair is heavier so can be more challenging to get height.” 

For curly hair: “If you are wanting to sleek out your curls, it’s great to use a specific styling cream or spray before blow drying as this will make it easier for you! You may find you also need to add some oil to finish. Not only does it keep your hair moist and soft, but it also enhances style definition and prevents frizz.” 

For straight hair: “If you’re looking to add some bounce, add a curl spray to your pre-blow dry products! Focus the nozzle on the mid length to ends of the hair, using a low to medium heat and roll your brush whilst moving the dryer downwards.”