How To Preserve Your Hair Colour During Lockdown, According To A Pro

As anyone with coloured hair knows, it’s a major commitment with a lot of upkeep involved. As we approach week seven of lockdown (and with hair salons indefinitely closed), it’s becoming more apparent that managing our hair colour is quite literally in our own hands. If you’re considering an at-home dye job or looking for products to boost the lifespan of your hair colour for a few more weeks, scroll down. Amika’s Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond reveals her top tips. 

#1 Invest in the best products

“If you invest in a quality colour job you will want to protect your investment with the proper professional grade products. Using Amik Vault Colour Lock Shampoo and Vault Colour Lock Conditioner is a no brainer that will extend the life of your color.” 

#2 Use styling products to hide roots

“I don’t think there is a practical hairstyle that can really hide roots. If that shadow is starting to come in there’s no time like the present to embrace rooty hair color. A great trick for blondes trying embrace roots is to use texture products like the Un.done Volume & Texture Spray in the hair. The matte finish makes the dark roots less shiny so that they don’t stand out as much.” 

#3 Keep hair healthy to enhance colour

“Enhancing hair colour comes with keeping the hair looking healthy and shiny. I love using the Silken Up Dry Conditioner to make highlights and dimension pop without it looking or feeling like you have any product in the hair.” 

#4 Don’t let colour fade

“The secret to lasting great color is not letting it fade to begin with. Using the Vault Colour Lock Shampoo and Vault Colour Lock Conditioner will ensure that your colour isn’t going down the drain bit by bit every time you cleanse – and the Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde will keep blonde hair bright.” 

#5 Keep on top of it

“This is a hot topic but I do believe that some colour is doable at home. I don’t recommend anyone bleaching their own hair, but a single process colour in the same colour family as that you currently have is totally feasible as a DYI. It won’t be the luxurious dimensional colour work that your stylists can create, but you can get yourself through quarantine feeling confident and looking like your normal self. Once you can see your hairstylist again there will be some colour correcting to do but it won’t be anything that can’t be done in your normal colour processing time slot.”