We’re Obsessed With… This Colour-Boosting Hair Treatment

If there’s anyone you can trust when it comes to at-home hair colour, it’s Josh Wood, the man behind the hair of a whole host of A-listers, including the likes of Reece Witherspoon, Florence Welch, and Kylie Minogue. Oh, and he was responsible for David Bowie’s iconic ‘red look’. No biggie. 

With his years of experience in salons and behind-the-scenes at fashion shoots and shows, it only made sense for Wood to launch his own at-home colour brand. The product lineup includes a collection of permanent colours, as well as hair glazes, hair glosses, and root touch-up pens. Plus, there’s a range of Miracle Shampoos and Miracle Conditioners for aftercare, as well as a Miracle Mask and tools. 

In my opinion, the Hair Gloss is the star of the show. I have actually been obsessed with it for years and am so glad that it’s finally stocked on BEAUTY BAY so I can shout about it. I have medium-brown hair with some subtle blonde balayage which I get topped up once or twice a year. The Hair Gloss in Caramel is perfect for freshening up my colour in between treatments whereas I find that the Champagne shade really makes my blonde bits pop – and both give hair that silky soft salon smoothness in the process. Perfect if you’re new to or wary of home hair colouring, since it’s semi-permanent (I notice the difference for about four weeks after each use) and super easy to use. I apply it after shampooing and conditioning as usual, give my hair a quick towel dry, and them comb the treatment through my hair from roots to tips. I have long hair so usually go through half a bottle in one application. Gloves are supplied to keep your hands from staining, and I always tie my hair up and wear an old t-shirt to prevent any unwanted stains. After 20 minutes I rinse out and comb through simultaneously until the water runs clear. The difference in both tone and texture is instantly visible but I find it really pops after the second wash. 

If you’re curious about exactly what a hair gloss is, Wood describes it as being a combination of a colour treatment and a deep conditioning mask. “A little like a coloured conditioner,” he adds. “Wash-out dyes are combined with a deep conditioner so the surface of the hair is left very shiny while the colour adheres to the hair.” What makes the Hair Gloss so unique is that it deeply hydrates the hair as well as adding colour so it gives double the benefits. When the hair is nourished and moisturised, the colour really pops and looks glossier and richer. The nourishing benefits are all thanks to ingredients like quinoa, green walnut, and shea butter, which deliver intense hydrating and strengthening benefits. 

When it comes to choosing your gloss shade, there really is one for everyone. For blondes, use Icy Blonde to banish any unwanted brassy or yellow tones, or add a soft sheen of honey by using a Champagne. For darker hair, there are lots of tones to add richness all the way through to a pop of Cherry red. “Glosses can only add tone or go darker and you can’t go lighter with a gloss,” Wood advises. “And remember that a gloss isn’t really going to give you a very dramatic colour result unless you choose a bright red or something bold.”