How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly, Every Single Time

Are you fed up of your nail polish looking like a three-year-old has attempted it? Do you want to nail your next DIY application and convince your friends that you trained as a nail technician overnight? Are you feeling inspired by these summer designs we bookmarked? Don’t worry, we are feeling the same.

The good news is that this is all possible, but you’ll need to master the basics first. We’ve got all the tips and tricks for an at-home salon-worthy manicure, that won’t break the bank or end in frustrated tears.

Keep scrolling for our foolproof tutorial on how to paint your nails perfectly, every single time. 


Cut and file your nails to your desired shape with the Sample Beauty Nail File And Buffer Set.

A round shape looks good on shorter nails but if you have a bit of length feel free to go square or round, or a mix of both. 

Always file in one direction! Avoid back and forth movements with your file as this can cause damage to the nail.



Apply the Makeup Revolution Prep and Hydrate Base Coat to the nails, this gives a smooth surface for the polish to stick to, making it last longer and helps to protect your nails from stains.

Allow the base coat to dry fully.


Apply your nail polish using the brush that it comes with, pressing it against the cuticle to form a super neat line at the edge.

Apply in the three stripe rule, one for the middle and one on either side. Don’t forget to cap the edge of the nail for a super clean look that makes the manicure last longer.



Apply a second coat of nail polish. Always apply the product in thin layers so they can dry in between and avoids a gloopy thick mess. 

If your polish isn’t opaque enough, feel free to add a third and final thin coat. 

Don’t stress if you mess up or get polish on your skin, just soak a cotton bud in nail polish remover and gently remove it- when its dry! Removing excess polish when it’s dry is easy and means you are less likely to accidentally mess up fresh wet polish.


Apply the Makeup Revolution Speed and Shine Top Coat. This locks in the colour, prevents chipping, and adds extra shine


Apply the Makeup Revolution Good Vibes Cuticle Oil to help keep the nails hydrated and healthy. Using cuticle oil daily also helps your manicure last longer.