@mmmmitchell’s 6 Most-Asked Questions

Me, Myself & MMMMitchell is heading to BEAUTY BAY and we know you’re going to want to get your hands on it. You’ve seen the palette, you’ve seen the shades and now it’s time to find out more about @mmmmitchell, the self-made international MUA and makeup educator behind the palette. After starting off as a self-taught MUA in a salon in Manchester, Mitchell has gone from strength to strength to become the makeup sensation he is today. So, what would you want to find out from Mitchell? We’ve asked him for the questions he gets asked the most and more importantly, he’s answered them below. 

1. What's your favourite makeup product?

A question that I get asked a lot is what my favourite eyeshadow palette is, and now I can FINALLY say what it is… Me, Myself & MMMMitchell obviously! For the last few masterclasses that I have done, I’ve really tried to keep it under wraps and pretend that it’s not my palette. When people have asked me, I’ve just had to be like ‘oh yeah, it’s just some random eyeshadow, I can’t remember which one it is!’

2. Where do you get your inspo?

A lot of people are always curious about my ideas and where I get my inspiration from and to be honest, I get inspiration from everywhere. Every piece of inspiration is different. I can get my ideas from all kinds of places, whether it’s colour on a flower, or the sunset, or someone’s t-shirt. It can come at any time, in any place.

3. What's Jeffree Star like IRL?

The question that I probably get asked the most is about my friendship with Jeffree. That is something that always comes up. People are always asking me about how nice he is in real life and yeah, of course he’s amazing! He’s the best person ever.

4. How do you achieve a seamless eyeshadow blend?

In terms of technique, people always ask me what sort of pressure I use on the eye when I am blending eyeshadow and the answer is always be very light. If you have ever had or ever get your makeup done by me, you will just feel like you are being tickled by an angel.

5. What's the question that you always get asked

I always get asked my opinion on all the beauty drama and my answer is always the same… next question please! I’m not getting involved in that ever. 

6. What are your top technique tips?

6. In terms of improving makeup technique, people tend to learn the most by watching me work rather than by asking. You can find some of my tutorials here and here