What’s The Correct Order To Apply Makeup Products?

It’s an age-old beauty question — what’s the correct order of makeup products? While there are some general tips and tricks to stick to, in all honesty, it’s whatever works for you.

But, if you’re unsure about whether to highlight before you bronze or conceal before brows, you’re in safe hands. We’ve got the answers so you can take out the guesswork of what order to put makeup on.

1. Primer

First up on the list is a primer. A non-negotiable for some and a nice-to-have for others, primers can be the difference between a good makeup look and the best makeup looks. If you ask any makeup artists for their top tips and tricks, they’ll always tell you that the secret to great makeup is in the skin prep.

There’s a primer for every skin type and concern, whether you’re looking to mattify oily skin, hydrate dry skin, or give a glowy boost. Primers make your makeup last longer, so your looks never have to suffer.

2. Concealer

Next, you’ll want to sculpt and correct your way to a flawless complexion and concealers will deliver. No matter if you’re looking to cover spots, disguise discolouration, or even sculpt and highlight the skin, a great concealer will do the trick.

If you’re wondering where to apply concealer, it all depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Use lighter shades to brighten under the eyes, darker areas of the skin, or highlight the high points of the face. Wanting to conceal spots and acne scars? Pick a colour that matches your skin tone or foundation shade. For cheekbones that are sharper than sharp, add contour with a darker shade of concealer.

3. Foundation

Once you’ve laid down the foundations for a great complexion, you can blend it all together with a foundation for a flawless finish. If you’re looking for extra coverage, you can even go back in with more concealer after your foundation.

The world of foundations is a big place, so how do you pick the one that’s right for you? If you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable finish, pick up a tinted moisturiser or dewy finish option. Demi-matte is the perfect in-between and full coverage, matte foundations will last all day and night without budging.

4. Bronzer

When it comes to establishing your order of products, there are some tips and tricks that you should always keep in mind. Liquids, creams, and balms should always come before powders. That way, the softer textures will sink into the skin without turning patchy or caking. If you want to lock your cream products in place, top it off with a powder version.

There are so many bronzer formulas that we know and love, so experiment with different types and find the ones that are right for you. Cream bronzers melt effortlessly into the skin, liquid bronzers deliver a high colour payoff, while powder bronzers can be applied on top to set it all in place or worn alone for a sunkissed finish.

5. Blusher

With blusher, the same rules that stand for bronzers apply here — cream before powder. Liquid and cream blushers tend to give a more glowy, skin-like finish, while powder blushers offer a matte alternative.

Similar to bronzers, there are so many blusher shades and formulas to choose from. From doll pink powders to rosy creams and bright orange liquids, you’ll be able to buff and blend your way to your best makeup looks ever.

6. Powders

Once you’ve done all the hard work perfecting your base, it’s time to set it in place and make sure it doesn’t move a muscle until you come to take it off. That’s where a trusty setting powder comes in.

Whether you prefer a loose powder, pressed powder, or are obsessed with baking, we’ve got the right one for you. Simply dust over areas that are prone to oiliness, set under eyes so there’s no concealer creasing, and even bake around the nose to enhance your features.

7. Eyeshadow

Now we can set our sights on the eyes. If you love a simple wash of colour, are trying out the latest trends, or spend hours crafting a masterpiece, then chances are you’ll have some form of eyeshadow in your collection.

When deciding what order to put makeup on, we prefer to apply eyeshadow after your base, so there’s no chance of any slipping, creasing, or fading. You can always lay down a layer of baking powder to avoid eyeshadow fallout, or simply sweep away any excess with powder.

8. Eyeliner

Whether you’ve applied eyeshadow or going for a bare lid, you might want to spice things up with some eyeliner. Everybody’s eyeliner looks are different, from cat eyes and sharp wings to subtle crayons or highlighted water lines.

For a soft, smudgy look, pick up a pencil. For a sharp wing that lasts all day, a gel liner might be preferred. Or, if you’re into colourful designs, a water-activated liner could be the one for you. Line them up and pick your fave depending on your makeup look.

9. Mascara

You’ll want to finish off the eyes with some mascara. Most of us are in committed relationships with our mascara, as they add the finishing touch to any makeup look.

When considering formulas, there’s lengthening, volumising, and everything in between. Why not add them all to your haul so you can find your go-tos?

10. Brows

When deciding what order to put makeup on, the brows stage is always up for debate. Some people prefer applying brow products before everything else, whereas others see them as one of the last steps in the routine. Don’t let us tell you the rules — whatever works for you, stick with that.

Wondering which brow product is best? Opt for a brow gel for a natural look or to set powders and pencils in place. Brow pens are perfect for creating brow-like strokes, mimicking real hairs. And if you’re after a laminated look without a trip to the salon, sculpting waxes could be the answer. 

Side note: if you do go for a sculpting wax, you might want to apply them before any face products to avoid any clumping or product movement.

11. Highlighter

Oh how we love a highlighter and if you ask us, they’re what make the best makeup looks. The finishing touch for flawless skin, highlighters add a glow that takes your skin to another dimension. 

There are liquid, cream, powder, and balm formulas, so you can highlight to your heart’s content. Apply to the high points of the face, concentrating on cheekbones, browbones, centre of the nose, and cupid’s bow.

12. Lips

No matter if you love a full face or low-maintenance glam, lip products are a must. Simply add a slick of liner and a hint of colour, and even the simplest of makeup looks can go to the next level.

We’ve got tinted balms, lip stains, liners, glosses, classic lipsticks and so much more. Browse your way through our collection and stock up your haul.

13. Setting Spray

Don’t let your best makeup looks go to waste. We get it, life gets in the way, but your makeup doesn’t have to. Make sure it doesn’t move an inch by finishing off your makeup order with a setting spray to lock it all in place.

Just like all the other steps in your routine, there’s a setting spray to suit every skin type and makeup look. Glowy and glossy? We’ve got a setting spray for that. Matte and long-lasting? We’ve got it covered. Hydrating and refreshing? You guessed it, there’s an option for you.