6 Reasons Why You Need Sample Beauty’s Ultra-Hold Brow Gel

Take it from someone who’s tried every brow gel there is and knows how difficult it can be to find the right one… They’re either the wrong colour, don’t hold the brow hairs in place, or go flaky – which is really not a look. I’d pretty much given up hope until Sample Beauty came in and saved the day. The Ultra-Hold Brow Gel is the answer to all your brow prayers. The clear, flake-free formula helps to make every single hair stand up and stay there, right until the end of the day. Need more convincing? Keep reading to find out why it’s about to come your new go-to brow gel.

Gives a laminated brow effect

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that laminated brows are the beauty trend to try and they aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. Seeing as our lamination appointments aren’t accessible right now and sometimes we just want a more affordable solution anyway, this is when you need to reach for the Ultra-Hold Brow Gel. This formula has been specifically created with a fluffy brow in mind, but it’s just as great for sealing any look in place.

Strong hold

As the name might suggest, once this brow gel is on, it’s not going anywhere. The formula is like actual glue for your eyebrows, keeping the hairs stood up and in place from morning until night, without any budging. Tired of brow gels where the hold lasts for five minutes? Then this is the one for you.

Clear formula

Part of the battle of finding your favourite brow gel is trying to decipher which colour is right for you. This formula takes the fuss out of finding your new favourite. The clear finish means that it can be worn alone or over the top of your favourite brow pomades, powders, and pencils for a strong brow finish that suits you perfectly.

No flaking

Let’s be real, brow gel flaking is not the look many of us are going for and unfortunately, opting for strong hold can sometimes result in some tell-tale gel residue on our brow hairs. Luckily for us, the Sample Beauty formula keeps the hairs in place and it doesn’t flake, which is the ideal combination in our eyes.

Easy to use

For quick brow looks wherever you are, a simple application process is a must. Featuring a built-in spoolie, you simply comb through the brows and let the gel do its thing. For that ultra-fluffy, brow lamination effect, simply push the brow hairs onto the skin with your fingertips to set in place.


Sometimes the best formulas come with hefty price tags, but not in Sample Beauty’s case. This next-level brow gel will set you back less than your favourite iced latte. We can’t complain at that!