The Best Brow Products, According To You

All beauty obsessives know that when it comes to brows, only top tier products will do. But with the amount of brow products out there, all catering for different styles, it can be a hard-fought battle to find the perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for brow-boosting products that will give you that laminated look, or you’re wanting to draw on your brows with products designed for sparse eyebrows, there are a variety of must-have formulas for beginners and brow experts that can instantly upgrade and add fullness to your arches.

Ranging from eyebrow powder, pomades, pencils, pens, gels, waxes, palettes, and soaps; the options are endless, but luckily for us, so are the five-star reviews. Because if there is one thing you can trust about your fellow beauty obsessives, it’s that they’ll always give an honest review. Keep reading to meet the best products for eyebrows according to the five-star reviews.


Instantly and effortlessly upgrade your brow game with this duo, featuring an ultra-slim pencil to mimic hairs and a waterproof gel to lock your arches in place. 



Amazing! Can’t believe how good this product is for such a little price!!!

Katy P. 



So so good, buy now! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and it’s amazing



“Great brow product”

Compared to higher end brow pencils and pomades/waxes this cannot be beat. The pencil is very precise and easy to use and the brow mascara can be used just as a brow gel or to give a laminated look easily. I’m beyond impressed.

Paulina N. 


“New essential” 

Up until using this product, I’d just been using a thin pencil, but gave this duo a chance on a whim. Absolutely love them and definitely got a new makeup bag essential

Abigail H. 

2. e.l.f. Cosmetics Brow Lift

If you love that fluffy, laminated effect, you need this styling soap. Conditioning and nourishing each brow hair, this long-lasting clear formula holds your brows in place and leaves them with a natural, feathered finish. 



Amazing, holds my thick bushy eyebrows down all day 

Runa M. 


“Holds them in ALL day”

I genuinely have never used a better and more AFFORDABLE brow product, this is my absolute go to for natural or full glam makeup

August O. 


“Locks my brows in place”

Locks my brows in place for ages no matter what i do, doesnt flake or leave white around my brows or a sticky residue. You only need a little and your brows will look the best they ever have.

  Doron A. 


“Brow lift”

Absolutely amazing, so easy to use and does such a good job

Maya M. 


Waterproof and budge-resistant, this creamy formula grips onto every hair for the ultimate colour and sculpture. Gliding effortlessly ono the skin, this luxurious pomade can even double up as an eyeliner. 


“I mean, this is a classic”

I repurchased this after my old one expired and this is now my go too product! I love how easy it is to work with and can build up so nicely, I tend to use this shade to create darker defined tails and a lighter shade for the rest, my favourite product !!

Maria C. 


“I love it”

It’s so easy to use and has a very good pigment

Meri-Tuuli L. 


“The best brow product”

I have use this and only this for years! never replacing

Liron B. 



I have used this for years now and I will never use another! it is amazing!

Emily W. 

4. By BEAUTY BAY Brow Fixer Fibre Gel

Achieve flawless brows in just one swipe with this waterproof brow gel, formulated with tiny microfibres which adhere to the skin and hairs to create the effect of thicker, natural looking brows. 


“Honestly the best brow gel I’ve ever used”

Makes my brows look full and fluffy, and buildable

Ashleigh S. 



You need to work quickly with this brow gel as it sets FAST but it’s great. The colour stays and the hold is great. Fantastic all-round brow product!

Natalie Z. 



As someone who works night shifts, I needed something which would give my brows that extra long-lasting hold. This product achieves this and is so simple to use!

Gracie L. 


“My favourite eyebrow gel”

My favourite eyebrow gel, easy to use, doesn’t dry up, great colour match, reordered several times



Whatever your brow shape, this fine liner can create precise, hair-like strokes for a full, bushy effect, or defined lines for a bolder, more sculpted look. 


“Love Love this eyebrow pen!”

Super easy to use for making ultra-fine hair like strokes on the brow but you need to be very light handed. Would definitely recommend to anyone who uses gel/soap and likes to keep a natural look to the brows.

Orla K. 



Would highly recommend. Love the way it looks, especially with brow gel, and so easy to apply

Karolina D. 


“Ride or die product”

I use this on myself every day, am a makeup artist too and use it on all my clients. Absolutely love it for mimicking brow hairs! Super fine brush and easy to use.

Ellie B. 



Great brush, creates such fine lines that give so much detail 

Georgia B. 


This brow glue is known and loved for its ability to lock arches in place and add texture and fullness for an impressive 16 hours. If you needed any more convincing, it’s also got a sweet bubble gum scent.


“The best brow glue ever” 

I tested a lot of different products but this one – the Honey Glue Original Superhold – is the absolute number one in Brow Glue. The definition and the hold are amazing. I am so in love with this product.

Florian W. 



Unlike any other product, this brow soap makes my brows stick until the end of the day with no flaking or any issues

Oliwia B. 


“Love it”

Have literally tried everything and nothing holds my brows in place, this is the first product I’ve used that works! Love it

Rachel D. 


“Love it”

Love the consistency holds brows all day, looks like my brows have been laminated! Smells great too

Rebecca M. 

7. By BEAUTY BAY Micro Sketch Brow Pencil

If you want a brow pencil that does it all, you need this double-ended brow booster. Creating a precise and natural-looking finish, this retractable micro pencil fills, shapes, and defines, for your best brows yet. 



This pencil makes doing my brows easy! It’s a very thin pencil so you can draw on individual hairs and pigment is good so you can do quick strokes first time!

Faith R. 


“One of the best eyebrow pencils”

One of the best eyebrow pencils I’ve used so far! Good quality and affordable

Eva B.


“Go to brow pencil”

Top notch product for brows! I haven’t brought anything g different for almost 8 months now and I have fair eyebrows and dark hair so use it daily! 🙃

Beth C. 


“Lovely colour” 

Really nice cool tone, often struggle to find light brown eyebrow pencils that aren’t orange toned. Nice fine twist pencil for application, no need for a sharpener on hand. What more could you ask for?

Ella G. 


Experience your most effortless brow shaping yet with this mechanical pencil and spoolie brush. Featuring an ultra-fine tip to mimic the appearance of individual hairs, this tool leaves brows instantly fuller and more defined. 


“Best eyebrow pencil ever”

I have tried a few eyebrow pencils but I find this one the perfect colour and texture. Easy to use, nice little hairs can be drawn to make my eyebrows look fuller and very natural looking. Does not wear off but removes quickly with micellar water. The brush is great for grooming and blending. I highly recommend this.

Louise R. 


“Amazing product”

Only product I will ever use for my brows. Great colour and consistency, lasts all day.

Amy M. 



In love with this product. Seriously, I don’t know how I live without it before. 



One of the best eyebrow pencils, I struggle with gaps in my brows and this fills them in with a natural look. It is also really good for the front of my brow to create that natural fade at the front



This double-ended wand brings double the impact. With one end working to shape, shade, and fill, the other end uses an ink pen to create hair like strokes that leave brows with depth and definition. 


“Would buy again! 10/10″

Great Product! I’m a pale rose tint skin type and copper hair. This was ideal product to get those precision eyebrows. Easy glide and blends great for an ombre effect. 10/10

Laura R. 


“Great product”

Fantastic product that helps keep the shape of the brows well.

Abi D. 


“The best ever”

This is 100% my favourite eyebrow product to use ever! It lasts all day and night and the product itself doesn’t run out for ages!

Megan B. 


“Absolute game changer”

 I use a couple of different products on my brows and this is my final touch. I have very sparse brows, the pencil works perfectly for the main arch and the really fine pen draws life like hairs towards the start. I’ve used this for many years and pray that Urban never discontinue it!

Just J. 


Prepare for your bushiest brows yet with this clear styling soap, designed to provide a long-lasting lift and hold. It’s also infused with skin-conditioning cynanchum atratum, meaning you can enjoy fuller, healthier brows. 


“wonder brows”

loving this product!!! it is very long lasting and gives my brows a natural effect!!!

Shiela B. 


“My brows did not move”

Just trust me, this stuff is good

Laura I. 


“Laminated brow look” 

This product is amazing and easy to use when wanting to have the laminated brow look.

Shannon. Knighton



Made my eyebrows look so good


FYI: This article was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.