How To Fake Laminated Brows Using Brow Soap

Brushed up ‘laminated’ brows are a beauty trend that has proven to be long-lasting – it’s easy to achieve and looks natural, working for everyon – no matter what their brow shape. Ideal for giving thin or lacklustre brows the Cara Delevigne treatment, soap brows can transform even the most over-plucked brow into a perfectly groomed face framer. Unlike previous brow trends, this doesn’t rely on the need for a whole host of different brow products. Instead, you just need one.

Scroll down for an easy step-by-step tutorial by @graces.faces_ that shows you how to use soap brows with By BEAUTY BAY’s Brush Up Brows Brow Soap. Lily Collins brows coming right up…

2. Add soap

Rub your spoolie into the dampened soap to create a thick paste.

3. Comb through brows

Run the spoolie through your brows, making sure you coat every brow hair thoroughly with the formula.

4. Create shape

Wipe any remaining soap off the spoolie before using the spoolie to brush the brow hairs upwards, outwards and into your desired brow shape.

5. Smooth over

Using your finger, smooth over your brow hairs to lock them into place.

6. Remove excess

Using a cotton bud and makeup remover, wipe away any excess soap from the surrounding brow area. This will help your base makeup apply more easily. 

7. Fill in

Fill in any sparse areas of the brow using the By BEAUTY BAY’s Micro Sketch Brow Pencil

You will need:

FYI: This article was previously published at an earlier date and has since been updated.