How To Use By BEAUTY BAY’s Brush Up Brows Brow Soap

Ever since our bushy brow obsession began circa 2011 (Cara Delevingne, we’re looking at you) we have been searching high and low for the ultimate brow product that will not only give us more brow than we were blessed with but will hold them in shape. Enter: By BEAUTY BAY’s Brush Up Brows Brow Soap

The clear styling soap has been created to give your brows that trending laminated look, all while taming, setting, and framing them for a fuller looking finish that will rival the brows of Lily Collins aka Emily in Paris. The brow soap works to provides a strong lift and long-lasting hold to keep each hair fluffed up and living the best brow life they’ve been dreaming of since 2011 (it’s only taken ten years, but we made it!) 

But that’s not all! By BEAUTY BAY know beauty obsessives will be asking, ‘how do I apply the brow soap?’ That’s where the set of five, multi-use Spoolies join the party. The perfect companions for the Brush Up Brows Brow Soap, the spoolies feature a compostable handle made with 100% bamboo and a soft, fluffy applicator that can be bent and angled to reach every brow hair and accommodate any style.  

If you’re now wondering, ‘ok, well how do I use the brow soap?’ BEAUTY BAY’s very own Product Developer, Emily, is here with all the tips and tricks you need to master the brow perfection. Pens and paper at the ready, you’re guna want to take notes!


The Brush Up Brows Brow Soap needs to be activated to get the formula working. You can spray the formula directly with facial water, setting or priming mist or spritz your spoolie before picking up the brow soap. 

‘Some of our faves for activating the formula are the Make It Rain Face Mist, The First Prime Oil Control Priming Mist, or the Set It Don’t Regret It Mattifying Setting Mist.’


‘If you’ve not already grabbed your one of your Spoolies, now is the time. Angle the brush in the direction you want to brush your brows and give them a pre brush to get them into a shape similar to how you want them to look. Then, sweep the formula through. Make sure your brow hairs are clean and dry – that means no excess makeup sitting on them!’ 


‘Leave the formula to set for a minimum of two minutes. Once they’re set, use a clean, dry flat edge (e.g., the end of a makeup brush) to press the brows into shape. This will really help to set the brows!’


‘Once your brows are set and you’re happy with the shape, you can start to fill in any sparse areas. We recommend using By BEAUTY BAY’s Micro Sketch Brow Pencil to fill in any sparse areas. Be sure to use soft, short strokes and build the colour slowly so you don’t disturb the Brush Up Brows formula.’ 


‘If you’re happy with the shape and colour of the brows, you can commit to adding pomade to add more depth, more shape, and more bushiness. Once you’re finished with your look, be sure to use an oil-based cleanser to loosen the Brush Up Brows formula without tugging on your delicate brow hairs.’