7 Skincare TikTokers We Love To Follow

Even if you won’t admit it, we’re all obsessed with TikTok. But we’re not talking about the standard memes, singing and dancing, we’re talking SkinTok. The wave of influencers taking over the beauty world one skincare recommendation at a time.  Scroll to discover our faves, that are helping us build our shelfies and get clear skin along the way.


Introducing your skincare fairy godmother, @charlotteparler. Licensed Aesthetician and co-founder of skincare brand @dieuxskin, Charlotte helps those struggling to find a skincare routine that works, by busting myths and delving into the history of popular ingredients.


Got a Gua Sha but not sure how to properly use it? Tego, a newly qualified doctor and skincare fanatic from beauty brand @lnesse is your gal. She breaks down how to properly use a Gua Sha, all over the face and body, for a sculpted, glowing finish.


We couldn’t talk about skincare without mentioning our very own beauty editor and licenced esthetician @thatgracegirl. Covering everything from the importance of SPF, to the best facials in the Manchester area, Grace is your go-to gal for all things skin.


Fellow skincare and beauty obsessive, Josh, from @mygentleskin is a go-to for skincare do’s and don’t’s. Taking a fresh approach to skincare, Josh often posts in depth brand reviews, which help us steer clear of the nasties.


Janet from @skinandbase specialises in skin of colour and posts video specifically for non-Caucasian skin. She covers everything from the best SPF to the best skin treatments for skin of colour.


Livvy is an Esthetician student who educates her followers on her top tips, affordable recommendations and myth busting of popular products. Backed by science and education, @livvybby is one to watch if you want to get to the scientific root of popular advice.


Introducing UK based skincare queen, @caressmd. Caress often takes to the high street to find affordable and accessible goodies and we love the way she shows how affordable high-street products have just as good, if not better, ingredients than many luxury ones.