5 Swaps To Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

It’s no secret that the beauty industry takes its toll upon the environment… But it’s not all bad, and it’s clear that both beauty brands and consumers are willing to take steps in the right direction towards reducing our impact upon the environment. The thing is, even if we start small, we have to start somewhere, and in a mission to focus on the future of the planet, any small changes we can make to our beauty routines are a positive step in the right direction. 

Read on to discover five easy swaps to make your beauty routine more sustainable. 

Biodegradable period products

Did you know that 90 per cent of a traditional sanitary pad is made from plastic, and that the average woman uses 14,000 sanitary products in her lifetime, contributing to 100 billion pieces of sanitary waste every year? It’s stats like this that made us determined to source a brand that takes a more eco-friendly approach to period products. Enter Grace & Green. Committed to sustainability, the brand offers biodegradable pads, liners, and tampons, all created with eco-conscious and sustainable ingredients that are kind to both your body and the planet. 

Recyclable/reusable packaging

Since the majority of beauty products come in plastic (which can take nearly 1000 years to decompose), if you can find a non-plastic alternative, why not make the swap? The Brow Define Styling Soap does everything your regular brow gel does – without contributing to plastic waste. As well as lasting longer than a tiny tube of brow gel, the aluminum tin can be reused or recycled when you eventually hit the bottom.  

Plastic free shampoo

Shampoo bars are a favourite for those looking to cut back on packaging waste and use less plastic in their beauty routine. They’re also much more budget-friendly – one bars can last up to 80 washes, meaning it’ll outlive up to three regular bottles of shampoo. If you’re still not convinced, Davines LOVE Shampoo Bars are made with all-natural ingredients, so are free from the SLS in detergent-based shampoos which can dry hair and strip the scalp. 

Sustainable ingredients

Up Circle’s commitment to sustainability starts from the ground up – literally. The brand sources leftover coffee grounds from London coffee shops and repurposes them in face and body scrubs, soaps, and serums, giving them a new lease of life and a whole new purpose. Even better, the packaging is 100% recyclable and all the products are vegan and cruelty free. 

Compostable face wipes

Regular face wipes contribute to 93% of the blockage of Britain’s drains, so it’s easy to see why the government has pledged to ban them by 2025. Fortunately, Yes To’s supersized, super-soft, and super-efficient wipes are made with compostable cellulose without plastic binding, so they’re biodegradable. In addition, they’re free from parabens and sulphates so they’re kind to skin too.