The 8 Best Tweezers, According To You

No one needs to be reminded of how annoying a stray hair can be, especially when you’ve spent so long picking at it (and missing it) with a pair of tweezers. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how painful it can be, especially if it’s an ingrown hair. You might have even fallen victim to a failed lash application at the hands of a pair of tweezers. The common denominator in all of this is the tweezers.


While it might not be the most glamorous of beauty tools, a reliable pair of tweezers goes a long way to make your plucking and/or application process less painful and more seamless. Everyone needs a pair. A pesky hair can crop up anywhere (whether it’s on your chin or brows) and when they do, you’ll need all the grip you can get. A dependable design that features a slanted point for maximum grip and minimal tension always helps with getting to the root of your hair/lash-related hurdle. Remember; a stubborn hair or a fiddly false lash is no match for a secure pair of tweezers.


Now that we’ve established that a good pair of tweezers leads to plucking perfection, it’s time to decide which tweezers are right for you. Lucky for you, we’ve created an edit of the best tweezers according to some of the trustiest beauty connoisseurs, also known as your fellow beauty obsessives. Get scrolling and pick your fave.


Slanted at a 25-degree angle, these mini but mighty tweezers feature a hand-filed design with perfectly aligned tips for precise plucking wherever you go. 


‘Best tweezers on the market’

How can you not trust tweezers from a brand called ‘tweezerman’ ??? sharpest tweezers ive ever used, their grasping power is truly something. No hair left stuck or unplucked! If your brow hairs put up a fight when it comes to plucking time, these tweezers will get to it believe dat xx

Queen G.


‘Gooby girl’

Before these tweezers, id pluck my brows and often nick the skin a bit but would notice the real damage when id wash my face or apply cream until i started using these. acc changed my life, the corner is so pointed you can literally get under the skin to pull out an ingrown (lol yuck) soooooo good. cop it asap girlies

Gooby g.


A pair of adornment tweezers that have a soft curve for grip and effortless application even in those hard-to-reach places. Complete with a travel pouch for precise gem application on the go. 


‘Does the job well’

Does the job wellI like using these, so much easier than putting face jewels on by hand or regular tweezers. Because of the shape, you can easily grab jewels and place them precisely where you want them! 

Charlotte W.


‘Very helpful’

Very helpful 

Léonard F.


‘Super easy to use!’

Super easy to use!

Erika Y. 


Made from stainless steel, these easy-to-use application tweezers offer durability, precision, and an effortless and seamless lash application every time. 



This applicator made my life so much easier I’ve tried others and even used tweezers and could never get a great fit these make it so easy to clamp the eyelashes together all in one go.

Tracy B.


‘Very good’

I like it, does what it’s meant to

Elisha H.


‘Easy to use’

Easy to use

Emily L.


A set of four tweezers that each support your beauty needs including brow touch-ups, lash application, nail art, and ingrown hair removal. 



Get’s the job done, nice array of sizes, decent price. What more do you want really.

Felicity C.


‘Reasonably priced, fantastic set’

I’ve noticed simple tweezers going through the roof in price lately for some reason. This little set has absolutely everything you need, they are robust and well made and should last for years. I love the pastel colours too and will definitely be buying more as a gift soon.

Anastasja K.


‘In love’

I LOVE this tweezer set, so precise.

Noelia G.


‘Love these tweezers!’

I was looking for new tweezers for a while and came across these on Beauty Bay, I thought for the price it was really good value. I just tried them out today and they are fab! I didn’t realise how bad my old tweezers were until now! They pull out my hair perfectly without breaking it. The thin tweezers are great, they pull out those stubborn black hairs that look like dots on my eyebrow. The colours are cute as well which is a bonus. Would recommend to anyone 🙂



A pair of thin and perfectly pointed tweezers that offer near-surgical precision and impressive accuracy to help remove deeply embedded splinters and ingrown hairs.


‘Handy tool for the first aid box’

Purchased this as I always get rose thorns/splinters in my hands/arms when I’m gardening. No idea how but it works so much better than a needle.

Clare H.


‘Amazing precision , sharp tweezers.’

Cheaper versions of tweezers do not work. These are precise, strong and do the job. Can remove the stubborn hairs.



‘Good and will hopefully go the distance’

Really good tweezers which I hope will go the distance. Have noticed better healing on ingrowns when using these compared with other needle point tweezers.

Abi P.


‘The best’

This is really good, simply the best I’ve ever tried. 



A trio of micro mini tweezers that each feature a unique tip to help tame, shape, and tidy unruly brows. Housed in a matching pink metallic pouch for well-groomed brows even on the go. 


‘Great value!’

Great value for money, I always buy Tweezerman because they last and actually do what they say they’ll do. It’s a great way of trying out the various types of tweezers and seeing which fits best for you. Love them 🙂 




I was looking for a good tweezer for so long and once getting this it did not let me down, it’s so effective and great to use. Easy and so cute to 



‘Love them’

These are easier to use than the big ones. I made my brows just like in a expensive salon, very pleased 



A pair of precision tweezers expertly crafted with high-quality stainless steel and carefully calibrated tension to tweeze even the finest hairs without breaking the hair on the skin.


‘The BEST Tweezers out there’

Just like other reviews have mentioned, they are on the pricey side but they’re the best tweezers I’ve used to date.



‘Great tweezers!’

Pulls out even the small ones, great tweezers, sharp but in a good way




This tweezer is so good!

it got all the small anoying hairs and it cleand it perfectly!

no pain and no redness afterwards. worth every penny!

Kate T.


‘These are the best tweezers’

These are the best tweezers ever! They have literally saved my life in many occasions when you have he suborn eyebrow hair or if you just have lots of regrowth near the eyebrow. They get the job done fast. LIFE SAVING TWEEZERS!

Shazell F.


A pair of easy-to-use tweezers that feature a wide, heart-shaped handle for more control when plucking. P.S. It comes with a pink storage pouch, so your tweezers are easier to find in your bag! 



I’m a big fan of Trixie and Trixie cosmetics and these did not disappoint.

Come in a super cute little pink pouch and they are really quality tweezers.

Kat B.


‘I can’t event’

Super cute and the little pouch with it gives me serious Polly Pocket meets Barbie vibes. A cute little addition to my handbag. 

Sarah G.


‘So cute’

Great tweezers with a cute heart!! 

Isabella G.