The Best Eye Creams For Puffiness

Visible bags and puffiness are one of the most common complaints of the under-eye area. Just like dark circles, they have the annoying ability to make us appear tired AF, regardless of how many hours sleep we have. Aside from external factors like alcohol, a crying session, consuming large levels of salt and potential allergies, puffy eyes are more often than not caused by poor circulation. When this happens, fluid builds up and gets trapped, presenting itself as a bulbous, bulging bag. Another contributing factor is sagging skin, something that naturally happens as our skin ages and loses elasticity. You’ll be glad to know that all hope is not lost. Looking after your eye area is understandably essential if you want to remain looking fresh-faced and youthful. Shop our round-up of the very best bag busting eye cream below and thank us for your wakeful complexion later.

Dr Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Biome Eye Cream

More often than not, puffy eyes require moisture. When the eye area becomes dehydrated it’s easier for it to swell up. Dr Jart’s+ Vital Hydra Solution Biome Eye Cream is a powerful, prebiotic-rich remedy that works hard to heal the lacklustre eye area. Intensely moisturising thanks to an infusion of hydra-nutrition 2x booster and hyaluronic acid, it feeds the skin with beneficial fermented probiotics that plump, de-puff and heal.

Florence By Mills Look Alive Eye Balm

The name really says it all with this one. A multi-use miracle worker, Florence By Mills Look Alive Eye Balm boasts an impressive line up of benefits, including reducing dark circles, delivering intensive moisture and bringing down bags. The stellar set of ingredients, namely potent peptides, vitamin B12 and antioxidant-rich snow mushroom will leave sleepy skin re-energised and renewed. The protective power of mineral-rich malachite extract shields the skin from pollution and a variety fo other external aggressors.

Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex

Combining targeted ingredients and a soothing metal tip, Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex will bring down those pesky bags, pronto. The most premium de-puffer, vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid are blended with nourishing and brightening botanicals hibiscus, pomegranate, cucumber and olive leaf to condition and firm. Puffy eyes are often a sign of poor circulation, which is where the metal tip comes in. Use it to gently massage the serum in and watch all signs of swelling disappear in a flash. Store it in the fridge for added cooling power.

Revolution Skincare Cooling Cucumber Eye Gel

Spoiler: people put cucumber slices over their eyes for a legitimate reason. Its naturally cooling and soothing properties make it the perfect antidote to puffy peepers, which is why it’s the main ingredient in this refreshing green pot. Glycerine and squalene are also thrown into the mix, making this silky gel a real treat for the dehydrated, delicate eye area. Fine lines are filled, and the skin is immediately softened. Use morning and night for best results. 

Anthony High-Performance Continuous Moisture Eye Cream

This prodigious little tub steals the top spot as the most hard-working, multi-use product ever. Seriously, think of everything you could ever want from an eye cream: you name it Anthony’s High-Performance Continuous Moisture Eye Cream has got it. Allantoin, arnica and caffeine work in synergy promoting circulation and reducing puffy bags and dark circles. Two birds, one stone. Then there are vitamins A, C and E, as well as a big bunch of moisturisers, like shea butter, jojoba oil, and squalane to boost hydration and improve skin’s texture.

TonyMoly The Chock Green Tea Watery Eye Cream

Packed full of skin-replenishing antioxidants, green tea is an amazing all-rounder for reviving exhausted eyes. TonyMoly’s The Chock Green Tea Watery Eye Cream contains fermented Korean green tea and rosewood oil to soften, smooth and brighten the delicate eye area. When you’re looking to de-puff, lightweight textures are essential. This gel-like formula absorbs instantly and doesn’t sit on the skin, so you can rest assured your eyes will look their most wide awake.