12 TikTok Makeup Hacks That Actually Work

It’s hard to imagine what life was like before TikTok. Exploding onto the scene during the pandemic, TikTok has fast become our go-to place for all the skincare tips, dance routines, and makeup hacks that we could possibly ask for.

If, like us, you’re obsessed with scrolling through TikTok to discover your latest makeup look or find out about tips and products to transform your routine, then you’ll know just how many there are. The #makeuphacks hashtag has 11.1 billion votes alone, which is more than even we can manage to trawl through, so we’ve got together the best tips and tricks in one place for you to add to your routine.

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Using tape for precise eyeliner

Watch the hack here.

Always struggled to get that perfect, precise winged liner? Then this is the hack for you. Yes it might look a little strange, but if it’s all in the name of a great makeup look, then who are we to judge? Grab some tape and stick it to your face from the end of your nose, up towards the outer corner of your eye to create a template – it’s probably best that you do this before applying your base makeup, so as not to pull it all off with the tape. Then apply your liner using eyeshadow or your usual formula, remove the tape, and you’re good to go.

Spoon cut crease

Watch the hack here.

If you’ve not come across this one whilst scrolling through TikTok, then we’ll be surprised. Using a spoon (yes, a spoon) to create the perfect cut crease is genius if you ask us. All you need to do is press the spoon to your eye, then apply your shadow to create a sharp, curved line. You can also use the handle of the spoon to create a sharp winged liner.

Eyeshadow stripes

Watch the hack here.

Eyeshadow blending – you’re either a natural or (if you’re like me) getting a seamless blend can seem like an impossible task. This stripes hack is the one if you want to get a flawless finish without spending hours on perfectly placing and blending your chosen colours. Simply apply vertical ‘stripes’ of different eyeshadow shades onto your lid, working from light to dark, then blend all together with a fluffy brush.

Pressing powder rather than baking

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Not only does baking take time, but it also takes up a lot of product and can have the tendency to make your skin look a little bit cakey. If baking isn’t your thing, then this is the hack for you. Simply press powder onto the skin using a damp makeup sponge and you’ll get the same results in a fraction of the time. Plus, your foundation and concealer won’t fade or crease at all.

Contouring your nose with tweezers

Watch the hack here.

Yep, you read that correctly – make sure your nose contour is always on the money by applying with tweezers. Once you’ve tried it, it’ll make a lot more sense than it sounds. Apply your cream contour product to the outer edge of your tweezers, then press the tweezers onto your nose, with the centre of your nose in the middle of the tweezers. This will create the perfect contour lines to shape your nose. Blend with a small brush to complete the look.

Eyebrow triangle

Watch the hack here.

Mastering the perfect brow every time can be a tricky task, but thanks to this hack, it’s about to get a whole lot easier. Using a brow pencil, draw a zig-zag shape starting at the front of the brow, then sloping down to bottom of the middle of the brow, back up to the top of your arch, then back down to the tail of the brow. Then connect the points of the lines with another straight line, one on the top of the brow and one on the bottom. Add a few hair strokes, then blend, blend, and blend some more with a spoolie and there you have it, the perfect brow.

Silicone sponge for perfect French tips

Watch the hack here.

You know the score – creating flawless French tips on one hand is always so much easier than on the other, leaving you with a manicure that you 50% love and 50% lowkey want to hide. At least that was until we spotted this viral hack on TikTok, where it turns out creating a sharp finish every time is actually possible. The trick is with a silicone sponge. Apply your white nail polish to your silicone sponge (it has to be silicone for it to apply neatly), then push your nail into the polish to create a line on the end of the nail. Who knew salon-worthy French tips were possible from the comfort of your own home?

Lift your eyes with concealer

Watch the hack here.

Turns out you don’t actually need a lot of concealer to hide under eye circles and shape your eyes – less is more in this case. Gone are the days of applying a full triangle of concealer to your face. Instead, apply a small amount from the inner corner of your eye, vertically down your nose. Then apply from the outer corner of your eye towards the temple, in the direction as if you were applying liquid liner. For more concealer hacks, check them out here.

Apply powder before foundation for a long lasting finish

Watch the hack here.

If you suffer with oily skin, shine, or your foundation tends to turn patchy during the day, then this is the hack for you. Applying powder and setting spray before your foundation can help to increase the longevity of your product, meaning that your skin will look flawless for longer. An alternative hack that’s just got as many views on TikTok is to mix your powder with your foundation – it’ll be ultra-full coverage and will last for hours.

Apply eyeshadow primer around the mouth to stop smile lines

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Although smiling is our favourite facial expression, foundation settling in your smile lines is not the one. To stop this from happening, apply eyeshadow primer to the area around your mouth before applying your base makeup. This preps the perfect base and stops your foundation and concealer for settling into fine lines. Smiles all round.

Contour your face with fake tan

Watch the hack here.

Going for the no makeup-makeup look but still want to add some definition to your face? Then fake tan is the answer. Apply the tan to anywhere you would usually apply contour using a fluffy brush, allow it to develop, then rinse, and your makeup has never been easier.

Eyelash curling

Watch the hack here.

Can’t get your lashes to hold their curl? We’ve been there, we get it, but it’s easy to fix. The secret? Waterproof mascara. Simply apply to the ends of the lashes and watch them hold their curl all day long.

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