7 Products To Get The Ultimate Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t just a cliché excuse for leaving a party early because you can’t stop thinking of your bed; lots and lots of (good) sleep is exactly what you need to stay looking and feeling great – rejoice!

But getting a productive beauty sleep takes more than crawling into bed at 8pm and waiting to nod off – mastering the art of beauty sleep means mastering the art of the bedtime routine. So, we’ve rounded up our favourite products to help you nail regime and get your ultimate beauty sleep every night. 

BEAUTY BAY SkinHit Correcting Serum

The condition of your complexion first thing in the morning has a big impact on how well your day is going to go. That’s why we love lathering our sleepy little faces in BEAUTY BAY SkinHit Correcting Serum before bed. The concentrated chemical exfoliant uses glycolic acid and PHAs to remove dead cells and keep stressy, congested skin away from your good skin day. Always use an SPF the day after!

Oh K! Intense Moisture Night Rescue Heel Patches

Beauty sleep isn’t just about nourishing the body parts we can see – all that time spent not on your feet should be spent tending to your hardest working parts. And Oh K!’s Intense Moisture Night Rescue Heel Patches do exactly that. Made with everyone’s favourite skincare ingredients, salicylic acid and tea tree, the patches stick to the heels of your feet to hydrate and nourish the dry skin while you kip. 

Neighbourhood Botanicals Dream Dream Dream Night Oil

The nourishing Dream Dream Dream Night Oil from Neighbourhood Botanicals is the perfect grab and go product for when you’re too sleepy to do your whole beauty sleep routine. Made with essential fatty acids and vitamin C to promote collagen regeneration, the night oil helps to calm your senses and your skin, so you wake up with a plump complexion and a soothed mind. 

Oh K! Soothe & Relax Beauty Sleep Sheet Mask

A good old bedtime mask is sure fire way to drench your skin with goodness before you get your eight hours. We love Oh K!’s Soothe & Relax Beauty Sleep Sheet Mask for its intense hydration and moisture, and the effortless ease of slapping it on for 20 minutes before you turn the lights out to wake up with uber soft skin. Especially handy during the cold winter months when dry skin likes to rear its ugly head. Now that, readers, is our idea of beauty sleep.

Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm

One of the biggest aversions to a good night’s beauty sleep is a busy mind and struggling to calm our racing thoughts and never ending to do lists. Elemis’ Quiet Mind Temple Balm is designed to soothe, calm and refresh your overworked mind with a bland of essential oils such as patchouli and eucalyptus. Rub over the back of the neck, earlobes and temples and inhale deeply to help promote a relaxed and tranquil night of beauty sleeping. 

BeYou Sleep Pillow Mist

A 25-step bedtime routine means absolutely nothing unless you’re getting a good quality sleep. That’s why here at BEAUTY BAY HQ, we’re obsessed with BeYou’s Sleep Pillow Mist. A few pumps of this holy sleeping water over your pillow and you’ll be indulged in the sleep inducing scents of lavender, jasmine, chamomile and ylang-ylang. Expert tip from an experienced user – if you sleep with your duvet pulled close to your face, spritz a little on there too for a whole night of decadent beauty sleep. 

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

Just like a nourishing night oil, a satin pillowcase can do wonders for your skin and your beauty sleep. Kitsch’s super soft, super cute, satin pillowcases won’t irritate your skin, lashes and hair while you sleep due to the lack of friction, so you can say night night to frizzy bed hair and pillow creases on your face.