The Best Pillow Sprays For A Good Night’s Sleep

Looking to make falling asleep that bit easier? Want to make your bedtime environment more relaxing? Love fresh scents? Then you’ve come to the right place. Pillow sprays are the answer.

A bedtime essential for beauty-obsessives and sleep-obsessives alike, pillow sprays use aromatherapy principles and deep scents to help you drift off to sleep in seconds. Want to know more and find your favourite? We’ve got them all.

How Do Pillow Sprays Work?

Pillow sprays do so much more than just make your bedroom smell nice. Extracted from aromatherapy principles, the essential oils in sleep sprays are known to help relax the senses, making it easier to fall (and stay) asleep. You’ll often find lavender, chamomile, and cedarwood in the scent mix, but that doesn’t mean to say that all pillow mists are created equal. There’s a scent for everyone.

If you struggle to fall asleep or switch off a busy mind once you hit the sheets, then a pillow mist could be the answer for you. Want to see our faves? Keep scrolling.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist

Lull into a deep sleep in seconds with the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist. This soothing, calming scent washed over you, instilling a sense of instant tranquillity.

Formulated with citrusy neroli, calming lavender, herbaceous geranium, and soothing chamomile, this scent is relaxing and fresh all at the same time. This dreamy pillow mist makes bedtime the best part of the day.

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist

Found on the bedside tables of many beauty-obsessives, the NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist is a good night’s sleep guaranteed. One of NEOM’s most iconic products, this sleep pillow mist does exactly what it says on the bottle.

The relaxing scent is made using 100% natural fragrances, including soothing lavender, relaxing chamomile, and warm patchouli. A classic sleep spray scent, there’s no wonder this pillow mist is a bestseller.

NEOM Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist

If the normal lavender-heavy scent of most sleep sprays isn’t for you, then you need to give the NEOM Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist a try. This pillow mist will transform your bedtime routine and make your bedroom a sleep haven.

Using traditional aromatherapy scents, this sleep spray has a warmer, more enveloping scent of soft chamomile, sweet ylang-ylang, and deep cedarwood. The result is fruit rather than fresh, perfect if lavender isn’t your thing.

BeYou Sleep Pillow Mist

Often feel like you spritz your pillow spray and within minutes, the scent has disappeared? That won’t be the case with the BeYou Sleep Pillow Mist. At BBHQ, we’re obsessed with this sleep spray.

Formulated with fresh lavender, floral jasmine, calming chamomile, and floral jasmine, the ultra-concentrated fragrance will still be lingering when you wake up the next morning. This is the perfect start to your best night’s sleep yet.

Psychic Sisters Aura Mist Sleep Well

Created by well-respected clairvoyants, Psychic Sisters is the brand you need to get in touch with your inner wellness. We know just how important sleep is for your overall wellbeing, which is why the Aura Mist Sleep Well naturally made it onto our list.

This pillow mist is a calming formula with a difference. Hand-blended with organic essential oils, moon magic, and crystal gemstones, each mist has been Reiki energised to make sure your sleep is the best it can be. To top it all off, the soft lavender and chamomile scent will help you instantly unwind.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Chamomile, and Lavender

Want a pillow spray that doubles up as skincare? We’ve got you. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Chamomile, And Lavender has been a staple in many beauty routines for decades.

Suitable for all skin types, you can drench your skin in hydration whilst you spritz the scent of sleep. The result? You’ll wake up with glowy, soft skin while the lavender and chamomile scent will leave you feeling well-rested.

Sunday Rain Sleep Easy Pillow And Room Mist

Create a tranquil, spa-like experience in seconds with the Sunday Rain Sleep Easy Pillow and Room Mist. Not only will this spray help you fall asleep in minutes, but it also contains ingredients proven to optimise sleep quality. Featuring lavender and cedarwood, this fresh yet deep scent will promote a restful night’s sleep and you’ll wake up feeling like a new person.