What Is Mercury Retrograde & How Do I Deal With It?

Wondering why your laptop is glitching? Why you’ve spilt coffee down your white shirt? Why your mascara has smudged halfway down your face? And why nothing seems to be going just quite right? That’s Mercury retrograde for you and it will be hitting our lives from 9th September to 1st October 2022.

So what is it? Mercury is the planet of communication, so when it’s in retrograde, things can go a little haywire. In astrological terms, Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears to stop and move backwards from its orbit – really, it’s just an optical illusion, but it can cause mayhem for those of us on Earth all the same.

If you feel like communication with friends and loved ones is not going as smoothly as usual or things at work just aren’t going to plan, this astrological phenomenon could be to blame. How can we avoid it? In short, there’s no avoiding it, but if you steer clear of making massive decisions, try to avoid conflict, and acknowledge that Mercury retrograde may be the reason for (some of) your problems, then you might make it through. Keep reading for our tips of how to get through and keep yourself occupied during Mercury retrograde.

Sort it out

Rather than making any big decisions such as moving house or starting a new interiors project, try getting down to the nitty gritty instead and lose yourself in some much needed Marie Kondo-ing. Having a sort out can not only do wonder for your living space but it can help your mind to feel clear too. Why not start with your beauty products? MYKITCO. have got storage bags sorted in every size and design possible.

Start afresh

Having a fresh start can do wonders for making you feel like you have things on track, especially during a time of astrological turmoil. If you haven’t already heard about dermaplaning, then you need to get to know. Dermaplaning involves gently shaving all the peach fuzz, dead skin, and dirt off the top layer of your skin, creating the perfect, smooth canvas for makeup, as well as allowing your serums to penetrate the skin more easily. Kitsch’s Eco Friendly Dermaplaners are the tools that you need.

Feel the best version of yourself

We all know that feeling your best physically can work from the inside out, so maybe it’s time to step up your vitamin intake? Turn to Solgar, the world-renowned vitamins brand, to stock up your wellness cupboard – they’ve got everything covered from biotin to magnesium and everything in between. New to vitamins and looking for a go-to? Vitamin C is the first stop for getting goodness in your system. It boosts your immune system, as well as maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, and bones.

Chill out

If Mercury retrograde brings its devious ways into your life and you just feel like you need a break, an evening chilling in front of the tv or with a book is exactly what the doctor ordered. To add some zen into your home atmosphere, you’ll be needing the NEOM Happiness Candle. The uplifting and warming scent of neroli, woody mimosa, and zingy lemon will instantly leave you feeling better.

Turn to sage

Burning sage is known spiritually to ward off any feelings of negativity and toxicity in your home and environment – think of it as a clean slate for your space. If everything around you feels a little bit off, then why not try it out for yourself? The Psychic Sisters Sage Ritual Set has everything you need for your first smugding (the practic of burning sage). Get ready to get rid of any stagnant energy.