These Are The Best Blusher and Bronzer Shades To Wear Together, According To An Expert

Any beauty pro will tell you, when you’re buying blusher, bronzer, highlight, or any colour cosmetic, you can’t dive in blind and hope the shades work for you skin and work well together. But how are you going to find your perfect blusher and bronzer pairing without trailing and testing the shades first?

Well, if there is one person who knows the By BEAUTY BAY Blushers and By BEAUTY BAY Bronzers better than anyone, it’s Emily from our Product Development Team. Emily knows these shades like the back of her hand – she swatched them there enough – and she has all the insider knowledge on which shades work best together.

Keep scrolling to see Emily’s shade recommendations and find your blusher and bronzer power couple.


Blossom and Beach make such a cute combo. Blossom is a soft pink with pink with a golden sheen and the second lightest blusher shade, while Beach is a matte tan with peachy/warm undertone and the third lightest bronzer shade. I have quite pale skin and I love this pairing for creating a warm, sun kissed, and relaxed look.


Peachy and Fawn are the lightest blusher and bronzer shades so would work best on pale to fair skin tones. Peachy is a soft peachy shade that will give the skin a light blush colour, while Fawn, a light caramel matte with a neutral undertone, adds a little depth to the points of the face that the sun naturally hits. You’ll love this pairing if you like the sugared/bronzed/matte finish look.


Bitten is a dusty rose matte that looks quite bronzed when worn alone, so Donut, a light/medium brown with warm undertone and a matte/very subtle sheen, is the perfect match. The warm undertones in the bronzer compliment the warmth of the rose in the blusher so nicely.


Coral is such a showstopping shade and looks great on every skin tone thanks to the bold coral pink pigments. If you have lighter skin, dust it on super gentle to avoid looking clown-like, but dark skin tones can really pack this on for a holiday flushed look. Caramel is a classic golden tan bronzer with neutral undertones which doesn’t take up too much limelight – perfect for letting Coral take centre stage.


Merlot and Button are a really bold pairing that perfectly compliment each other. They’re the darkest blusher and bronzer shades in the collection meaning they will really work their magic on darker skin tones. Merlot is a deep purple matte and Button is a deep brown matte with a cool undertone; the depth of both shades creates a really boujee look when worn together.


Bloom is a really nice blush for adding a little sheen to the complexion for more dressed up look. The mauve tones and soft sheen compliment the warm mocha colours in Chestnut and really pop on darker skin tones.


Royal blusher and Oak bronzer both have a red/brown undertone running through them, making them a really great pairing, especially for medium to dark skin. The plummy red in Royal leaves a pink toned finish while the cool undertones in Oak creates a complimenting sun kissed bronzed that leaves the skin looking holiday fresh.


Blossom and Donut are both the second lightest blusher and bronzer and both have a light sheen that are perfect for creating a dewy sun kissed glow look. Blossom is a soft pink with pink with a golden sheen and Donut is a light/medium brown with warm undertone and a very subtle sheen. This pairing is perfect for looking a little more ‘done’.