We’re Obsessed With…This New Liquid-Cream Blush

I’ve always been a powder-based makeup product girl through and through, but since working at BEAUTY BAY I’ve been converted to cream-based makeup products instead. This liquid cream blush was the product that changed it all for me! It’s pigmented, lightweight, and just so easy to blend.

As a beginner, using liquid and cream-based makeup products felt difficult – learning how to apply them and what brushes to use to get the best pay-off was really different to what I was used to. However, these liquid cream blushes in particular are totally foolproof, and have made my blusher application even quicker and easier. The benefit of liquid and cream blushes is that they provide a more natural look and allow that glowy, dewy finish to shine through, so skin looks really natural and healthy. In the warmer months, powder products can feel heavy on my skin and don’t provide me with that much longevity, but cream formulas feel lighter and last longer.

Blush is one of my favourite elements to add in my makeup, as it brightens up my complexion. Despite having tried tonnes of powder blushers over the years, I hadn’t found one that provided a really long-lasting, pigmented finish. Likewise with some liquid formulas I tried, I struggled with applying and layering products, making blending a real task when applying the rest of my makeup. Although, there have been some liquid and cream blushes that have impressed me, I love a bargain and finding a product that is both affordable and effective was important for me. The By BEAUTY BAY Liquid Cream Blush is exactly that. I’d even go as far to say it’s the best liquid blush I’ve used!

The small applicator allows you to dab the right amount of product onto the skin, so it’s impossible to overdo it. If you’re new to using products with this type of consistency then it’s handy as you can adjust and build product up, without the risk of applying too much and having to restart your whole base. That was my main concern, but even if you do go too heavy-handed, the sheer and easy-to-blend formula  makes buffing out the pigment simple.

I’ll be honest, there’s now not a day where I don’t use this liquid cream blush – in fact it’s rare I ever use it just as blusher. From my eyes to my lips, it’s such a versatile product to create a blended look that brightens the skin all over. If I want to add more colour or a matte finish, I sometimes add the By BEAUTY BAY Powder Blusher on top. They’re a match made in heaven as their tones match up so well together and are just as pigmented as the liquid blushes, meaning they really pack a punch. Whether you’re new to world of cream blushes or already a cream blush convert, I highly recommend investing in this one ahead of refreshing your makeup bag for spring and summer.

By BEAUTY BAY Liquid Cream Blush - Reef

By BEAUTY BAY Liquid Cream Blush - Spring

By BEAUTY BAY Liquid Cream Blush - Peaches

By BEAUTY BAY Liquid Cream Blush - Blooming