How To Apply Cream Blusher

If you’re a beauty beginner, learning how to achieve a flawless blend, cut a killer crease, or create a blinding highlight comes with time, lots of practice, and plenty of patience. Luckily, BEAUTY BAY’s MUA friends are on hand to show you the basics of really great makeup. The world of blush and colour can be tricky to navigate especially when you want to avoid looking to “flushed” but in this tutorial, we will show you how best to apply cream blush

See below @nateishascott’s beginner tutorial on how to apply cream blush.


Smile! Accentuating the cheeks makes it easier to know where to apply the blush.


Take the MUA Makeup Academy Liquid Cream Blush in the shade Rouge Noir and apply 2-3 dots to the top of the cheek. 

Tip: If you go to low, it will look as though the blush is pulling down on the face instead of lifting it.


Using a By BEAUTY BAY Makeup Sponge or ZOEVA 125 Stipling Brush, press the cream blush into the cheeks.


Taking any excess from your ZOEVA 125 Stipling Brush, in a ‘w’ direction, dab the brush from one cheek, across the bridge of the nose and to the other cheek, until the blush colour has blended in.