12 Affordable Skincare Brands We’re Obsessed With

Skincare can get pretty expensive, so if you’re trying to be budget conscious when it comes to buying beauty products, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the best affordable skincare, featuring budget-friendly brands such as The Ordinary, CeraVe, e.l.f., and our very own By BEAUTY BAY skincare.  

If you’re wondering why these products are so affordable, the answer is simple. These brands have minimal packaging, short ingredients lists, low marketing costs, and use ingredients that have been tried and tested (so don’t have to go through expensive clinical trials). In short, they prove that cheap skincare products can still be just as effective as their more expensive counterparts. 

The majority of products from these brands cost less than £15, so you can build yourself an entire skincare routine without breaking the bank. Scroll down to meet the best budget skincare brands.


Our very own By BEAUTY BAY skincare was made to take the hard work out of your skincare routine. From SPF to serums, we’ve got all the basics covered, and you’ll spot some of the hardest working (and on trend) ingredients – such as squalane, oatmeal, and azelaic acid – in our formulas, too.  

2. CeraVe

Developed by dermatologists, CeraVe’s range is a capsule collection of cleansers and moisturisers (plus a couple of newly launched serums), all of which are powered by ceramides. Ceramides are essential for keeping our skin barrier strong, which in turn prevents dehydration, so these products are especially great for dry and sensitive skin. 

3. The Ordinary

When The Ordinary first launched they totally revolutionised the skincare industry with their affordable, single-ingredient formulas.  Seven years later, and their budget friendly serums are still staples in our skincare routines – allowing you to reap the benefits of ingredients like retinoids and vitamin C, without breaking the bank.  

4. e.l.f.

Although they are best known for their affordable makeup products, e.l.f.’s skincare collection is just as impressive. They have four ranges, covering all skin types – Pure Skin (for sensitive skin), Holy Hydration! (for dry skin), Blemish Breakthrough (for breakout-prone skin), and Jelly Pop (to brighten skin). The best part? Everything is under £15. 

5. Bondi Sands

You’ve probably used Bondi Sands tanning products before, but did you know that the brand also has an impressive range of SPFs? For both face and body, and with all skin types and skintones taken into consideration, their sunscreens are some of the best we’ve tried (and the majority cost less than £10). 

6. Revolution Skincare

With over 100 products to choose from, Revolution Skincare truly have options for any and every skin type and skin concern. Whether you’re after basics for a beginner-friendly skincare routine, or you want to try out the latest trending ingredient, you can guarantee that Revolution Skincare will come through. 

7. Mario Badescu

One of our favourite American skincare brands, Mario Badescu was founded forty years ago by aesthetician Mario Badescu. The brand is most well known for its hydrating face mists, which come in a wide range of flavours and sizes, but they also have an extensive selection of masks, moisturisers, serums, and more. 

8. Florence by Mills

Affordable yet effective, Florence By Mills’ skincare range has everything from cleansers and moisturisers through to eye masks and lip balms.

9. Glow Hub

Glow Hub is one of our favourite affordable skincare brands. Formulated to target specific skin types and concerns such as dryness, breakouts, and sensitivity, the products shine the spotlight on ingredients like kaolin clay, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid. A perfect addition to a newbie’s skincare routine. 

10. Skin Proud

If you’re after cruelty-free and vegan skincare products which also happen to look cute on your bathroom shelf, look no further than Skin Proud. With cleansers, serums, toners, and moisturisers, it’s possible to build yourself an entire skincare routine. 

11. Carbon Theory

The brand behind everyone’s favourite breakout-clearing bar soap face wash now has an additional thirteen products in their range. From cleansers and masks to moisturiser and SPF, all of which are targeted towards oily and acne-prone skin, Carbon Theory products are both effective yet affordable. 

12. The Inkey List

The primary goal of The Inkey List‘s products is to make skincare less confusing—and thanks to their ingredient-led formulas and easy-to-follow skincare routine formulas, it does just that. The added bonus? You won’t find a single product from the brand that costs more than £23.