6 Best Hair Dyes, According To You

Anyone with coloured hair will understand the difficulty of upkeep. Regular salon visits are quite costly, so looking for an easy to use, affordable alternative that can still provide you with professional results is a popular method that many turn to in order to guarantee that colour stays fresh and vibrant, whilst saving some money.

Boxed dyes are refreshingly budget friendly, but they also have many other benefits. This inexpensive method allows you to colour your hair in the peace of your own home and when applied correctly will result in little to no damage to the hair. 

To find the best at-home hair dye for you, you need to establish the type of result you want, from a toner for temporary colour to a hair gloss for permanent colour. It’s also important you know how to care for coloured hair to ensure long lasting, expert-looking locks.

1. As I Am

Created with natural curly and coily hair in mind, As I Am provides haircare and hair colour that hydrates and strengthens the hair. The flake-free formulas provide temporary colour without the need to pre-lighten hair, meaning you can colour your curls and coils, knowing no damage is being caused.

As I Am Curl Color

As I Am Curl Color

As I Am Curl Color


This is the best alternative to change up my hair colour and still keeping it super healthy. The bold gold colour wax is not only the most beautiful gold but it also smells amazing. It has currently lasted me 4 days and the colour and smell of my hair still looks as good as when I first applied it. I would definitely recommend this product for curly, textured hair.


2. Bleach London

Designed for bleaching or for toning already-bleached hair, Bleach London is a fully vegan and cruelty free haircare range that allows you to achieve salon level  results at home. With bleach, toners, and hair colour available, they provide an option for everyone who wants to revamp their hair. Perfect to use in between trips to the hairdresser!

Bleach London Super Cool Colour

Bleach London Total Bleach Kit

Bleach London Super Cool Colour


Absolutely fantastic bleach that covers dark hair. Easy to mix and apply and leaves your hair with an amazing blonde colour! I would not use anything else.



I have bleached my hair for more than 10 years now and this is still the best bleach I have ever tried. for real.



I used this bleach on my fine coloured light brown hair and it lifted it to a light yellow blonde in 30 minutes. I didn’t want to leave it on any longer because I was worried about my hair breaking. My hair felt in a good condition when I washed it out. I would definitely use this bleach again. Well worth the money.



So simple to use, no mess like normal hair dye. Washes off all surfaces. The coverage you get from such a small bottle is amazing!!



Bright, good colour, lasts well



i never bought a colour off of the internet as i was always worried it would not be the right shade, but i made an exception here as i only heard great things of that brand! i was not disappointed at all!! the colour is so vibrant and exactly what i wanted, it’s perfect!!


3. Josh Wood Colour

Allow us to introduce you to Josh Wood Colour, the brand leading the way in expert home hair colour. From root touch ups and miracle masks to permanent hair dyes and hair glosses,  whatever your hair needs are, there’s an option for you. The brand founder, Josh Wood, was the hair colourist behind David Bowie’s iconic ‘red look’, so if you haven’t got to know this brand already, you need to get to know.

Josh Wood Colour Hair Gloss

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Colour

Josh Wood Colour Hair Glaze


A semi-permanent treatment gloss that gives your colour a boost and leaves your hair feeling so soft and looking so shiny. I’ve got balyaged hair and my mid-lengths have the tendency to go a little brassy after a while, the Icy Blonde Hair Gloss neutralises those tones without leaving a blue tint and makes my colour like new.’

Chloe, Influencer Marketing Manager


Have my hair a stunning colour. Faded quite nicely without going orangey and unlike most reds, hasn’t left any colour behind.



Absolutely gorgeous, rich colour. Lasts so long. The conditioner that comes with it is one of the best conditioners I’ve ever used. My hair is so shiny!!



Such a nice natural looking black colour. Got the 2.0 black and it’s got that almost brownness at the roots to make it look natural would definitely get again



Love this stuff! I was searching for a decent blue conditioner having been dying my hair for around 20 years and this is perfect. It refreshes colour and leaves your hair feeling soft and nourished.

Blue mermaid

4. Good Dye Young

Launched by Paramore’s Hayley Williams and her stylist and MUA, Brian O’Connor, Good Dye Young is your one stop shop for vibrant and custom hair colours. The brand has an extensive range of semi-permanent hair dyes that allow you to mix and match your colour to whatever mood you’re in.

Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Good Dye Young DYEposit

Good Dye Young I’m Bored Temporary Color Hair Serum


Amazing hair dye, easy application, bright colour exactly like picture. After trying a lot of brands to get the perfect pink, I think I’ve found my favourite. Colour is very pigmented and didn’t wash out lighter when washing off.



I tried to manage my expectations a little with this product, as it’s recommended for light blonde or pre-lightened hair but mine was a balayage with dark blonde/light brown. Turns out it defied my expectations and still came out as a super vibrant red! My hair is chest length and the tube had just about enough to cover nearly my whole head (my roots are dark so I avoided those) with a small amount of conditioner mixed in to stretch it a bit further. I’m now on wash 3 or 4 and I’m surprised by how much colour is still in my hair! The vibrancy has been toned down but it’s definitely still red and I expect it will be for a while yet.



Absolutely love the dyeposit range! It smells gorgeous and has make my hair so soft and silky. It’s a quick way to refresh your hair colour! Highly recommend!



Can’t describe how much i adore this product! actually tones/colours hair copper which is amazing as a lot of coppers send my hair red. Hair feels amazing after and last great for a semi permanent. My go to brand for anything hair related from now on!



GDY is by far the best semi-permanent hair product I’ve ever used. As a long term fan of the dyes I thought I’d give the “I’m Bored” dyes a go. They’re perfect and I am (yet again) blown away by GDY’s longevity and ability to keep hair healthy and happy!

Susie ‘Gill

5. Revolution Haircare

Looking for revolutionary haircare? Well, say hello to Revolution Haircare. With everything you need to care, colour, and correct your hair, this budget friendly brand has your back, helping you keep hair looked after in between those salon visits.

Revolution Haircare Rainbow Drops For Brunettes

Revolution Haircare Tones For Brunettes

Revolution Haircare Rainbow Drops For Brunettes


Obsessed! I have super dark brown hair and this left me with the most gorgeous purple tint have already ordered more



Tried this on dull blonde hair and it was so vivid and lasted so long. Tried on my sister with brown hair and it was still visible and lasted just a little less time then with the blonde.



When I mixed it with conditioner it looked pink but not really potent. My hair was bleached, but really dark yellow/copper, so I thought I would be orange, but no. At first it did not seem to saturate the hair enough, but after 30 minutes it washed out perfectly and the color is really pretty and even. Even the water was not really pinky. I am satisfied and ready to try more colours.


6. Shrine

Known for its bestselling semi-perm hair dyes and toners, Shrine is your go-to haircare brand for fun colours, minus the permanent commitment. This vegan, cruelty, paraben, and sulphate free brand, provides multiuse bottles that contain no single-use plastic, making it ideal for sustainable savvy shoppers. With easy to use tools and instructions, these dyes can be used even as a beginner to create salon fresh hair at home.


Super easy to mix and use. The effect on my hair is subtle but it’s enough to turn my carrot toned bleached hair to a much nicer beige blonde. I also add a few drops to my shampoo which seems to have a similar effect.



So simple and works really well! I have bleached hair and it’s lasted amazingly.



Use the toner when my hair is looking a little tired inbetween visits to hairdresser’s! Lifts & brightens colour.