The Best Sample Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes

It’s the round-up you’ve all been waiting for! The ultimate low-down on the very best eyeshadow palettes Sample Beauty has to offer, and we have to warn you, your bank accounts may have taken a hit once you reach the end. Let’s face it (no pun), when it comes to Sample Beauty eyeshadow palettes, they have left no shade undiscovered in the pursuit of great eye looks, and all you have to do is find the one (or five) that will change everything you know about eyeshadow.

Keep scrolling to find your fave…


The Paradigm Shift Palette is the ultimate starter palette for any beauty newbie. With all the primary, tonal, and pastel shades you need to kickstart a collection, the 35-shade palette is the one you should be hauling if vibrant looks are your thing. With 30 velvety mattes and five glossy shimmers, The Paradigm Shift is your day one palette that you’ll always turn back to.


There is no doubt that The Equalizer Palette is the smartest eyeshadow palette you’ll ever meet. Designed to make finding the perfect shade duos easier than ever, the 30-colour palette features 15 corresponding matte and shimmer shades to make early morning eyeshadow a breeze. With all the bold tones and poppin’ hues you need for endless eyeshadow opportunities; the palette is the grown-up game we never want to stop playing.


The customer is always right, and in the case of The Cult Palette, the customer is always very right. With a colourway chosen by Sample Beauty’s followers, this palette is quite literally the people’s palette and we’re thankful people. Featuring an equal balance of moody nudes and vibrant brights, the 18-shade palette has something for everyone to create striking and lively looks.


Following in the footsteps of it’s old sibling, The Equalizer Palette: Volume II has been created to make pairing your mattes and shimmers child’s play. Packed with 30 gentle nudes and delicate pinks, plus a couple of brights for good measure, the palette has all the shades a beauty obsessive could wish for to master those soft glam looks that will never stop trending.  


The Immensity Palette is the pocket rocket palette that is all about packing a serious colour punch. The small but might palette was created to celebrate Sample Beauty’s third birthday and it’s all about the party vibe. With a fluorescent rainbow of 10 vivid brights, The Immensity Palette is here to fuel your creativity and get you in the mood to celebrate.