We’re Obsessed With This Glowy Skin Combo

We all love a good dupe. And alllll over my FYP there’s only one combination that keeps popping up, IYKYK. 

As an avid tan lover, okay, obsessive, I’m always on the lookout for new tanning hacks and ways to make my false tan look as natural as possible, without ever hitting the sun. 

I love a good overnight tanning spray or gradual face tan as much as the next person, but like a lot of us, I also often forget to keep on top of the maintenance and be consistent, and can often end up breaking out with these formulas. So, finding something that gives the same bronzed effect in an instant is a must for me.

The Iconic London Illuminator mixed with the Bubble Skincare Slamk Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer Créme creates the most effortless, all over glow.

With this moisturiser, mixing the two is mess-free and so easy, as I literally just pump a few pumps into the top of the container and then add a couple drops of the bronzing magic, mix together and apply straight to my face with a brush. 

The finish is super glowy and sunkissed, and matches the rest of my false-tanned body perfectly, and what’s better? It doesn’t sink into my pores overnight and cause breakouts.

This combo is *chefs kiss* for no-makeup-makeup days and looks so natural, you’d think I wasn’t infact a redhead and unable to tan, and had infact just arrived home from 10 days in the sun.


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