Here’s Why You Need To Try The Future Bronze Body Base

Are you ready to meet your next summer cheat code? By BEAUTY BAY’s Future Bronze Body Base is here to keep you in the glow and blur the (tan) lines between skincare and bronzing. The matte, instant body makeup is the vacation and staycation packing essential for blurring and evening the skin, creating an instant tan, and moisturising with a gang of skin-loving ingredients. Already sold? Well, there’s more. Keep reading for all the reasons why you need the Future Bronze Body Base in your summer szn haul.


We all know summer skin need as much care as winter skin, that’s why By BEAUTY BAY made it even easier for you to keep yours looking silky, fresh, and bronzed. The lightweight formula has been enriched with (deep breath) hyaluronic acid to hold onto water and moisture, glycerin to trap moisture, castor oil to moisturise the skin and prevent water loss, vitamin E to protect against free radicals, jojoba oil to soothe and moisturise, and finally, sweet almond oil to even skin tone. Summer skin has really never looked or felt this good.


To make your beauty routine even easier (and your packing lighter), the Future Bronze Body Base can be used on the face and the body, meaning your bronze will be nothing but even and glowing from your head to your toes. Plus, that skin-loving ingredient packed formula will be a treat for sun drenched skin.


The beauty of an instant bronzer is exactly that, it’s instant. And oh so easy to use. All you need to do is apply directly to the skin and blend using your hands for a more even application. Use long, circular motions until your happy and glowing. Don’t forget to wash your hands and et voila! To remove, all your need to do is rinse with warm water and soap. It’s really that simple. Just don’t forget to accept praise gracefully for introducing your squad to their tanning hero.


No matter your skin tone or the level of bronze you prefer, the Future Bronze Body Base has you covered. Take your pick from Light, Medium, Dark, and Deep, or haul all four and have one for every season.  


Instantly tanned, instantly wowed. I tried By BEAUTY BAY’s Body Base and was so happy with the results I’ve ordered myself three more to stock up. I’ve never used such a lightweight product that tans, blurs AND moisturises the skin all in one. It really does take the work out of bronzing. I’m all about the quick wins when it comes to beauty, so I’ll definitely be integrating Body Base in to my daily routine.

Amy, Campaign Manager

“I might be a bit biased as my team developed this but HONESTLY one of the best instant tan formulas I have used in a long time. It blends like a dream, doesn’t streak and dries down super fast! Gives me an all over tan and covers those pesky blemishes and bumps. Ps. The scent is addictive!”

Lauren, Head of Product

“Obsessed! This silky formula has been a life saver. It has the perfect amount of coverage to cover any imperfections and give an even skin tone whilst looking natural and sun kissed. Even on the hottest day this formula didn’t budge or transfer, I felt confident in my own skin and confident that this formula wasn’t going to run or smudge. The sheer coverage is buildable, which I love, as I can use a small amount for a light airbrush look without covering my scars/ stretch marks completely or build up for a full coverage glow.”

Ffion, New Product Development Executive

“Love this formula! To be honest having dark skin with an already warm deep undertone I wasn’t sure what to expect but I instantly saw a difference on first application. My skin is glowing and not in a greasy or shimmery way but gives me this airbrushed sunkissed effect. This will be great for people like me who want to even out their skin tone especially around the knees and elbows where there tends to be darker pigmentation. This will be a staple for my bodycare collection, it’s lightweight, easy to use and comes in sleek packaging so won’t take up too much room!”

Nicole, New Product Development Manager

“I absolutely love this product and shade! Being completely new to self-tan, as I have a medium to deep skin tone, I never felt the need. I was shocked at how good this shade looked on! I used the dark shade which gave a warm glow. The product didn’t mask my skin colour just added a healthy glow. It was easy to apply and buildable so I could gain the right level of glow for me.”

Rasha, Senior New Product Development Manager