16 Green Eyeliner Looks We’re Obsessed With

A bold black cat-eye liner and a sharp cut crease will always be up there with the classics, but nothing compares to a simple swipe of coloured eyeliner to effortlessly complement any skin tone or eye makeup look. 

Green eyeliner might sound frightening and well out of your comfort zone but we can assure you it’s the best way to switch up an ordinary makeup look and make your eye colour pop, especially if you have brown, blue, or green eyes. 

This is particularly true for green eyeliner because it offers so much versatility. It can be paired with a daring eyeshadow look, used to create countless graphic liner looks, or be the perfect introduction to colourful eye makeup looks for a newbie. Whether you want to try something new or are a fan of smudged or bold looks, you can make your own rules for eyeliner, so you won’t find yourself googling ‘how to wear or apply green eyeliner’

The point is, eyeliner is a sure-fire way to stand out from any crowd, so if you’re ready to take your liner looks to the next level but need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of our fave green eyeliner looks for you try.

1. Green Cat Liner

@shannonszetoofficial’s may have actually mastered the art of green eyeliner, because WOW!

2. Neon Green Wing

Every day can be a good eyeliner day when you recreate @michellewicklandt’s look here. It’s the neon green for us. 

3. Bronze Cut Crease

Who else is amazed by @karalevabeauty’s spin on a winged cut crease? *Takes note*

4. Soft Green Liner

We’re seriously obsessed with @beautybyrhiiii_’s soft green eyeliner look for so many reasons. 

5. Forest Green Liner

@make.upbydelfi we absolutely need an in-depth tutorial on how you created this look because we are in love. 

6. Metallic Wing Moment

If you’re looking for a reason to try a winged green eyeliner look, here it is. @sookyegg We’re obsessed! 

7. Abstract Lime-Green Wing

@naogayoso really channelled the ‘60s with this graphic winged liner look and we’re so here for it. 

8. Fox Eyeliner and Purple Cut Crease Combo

Why limit yourself to one colour when you can go all out like @biimakeupart did with this look? 

9. Orange Smoky Eye

Who said green eyeliner can only be worn by itself? Follow @pickyp11’s lead and go for an orange smoky eye and green liner look.  

10. Green Editorial Eyeliner

We are living for this editorial liner look from @isrellauong. Bright and beautiful! 

11. Starry Eyes

If you want your eyes to be the star of the show, we highly recommend this forest green liner look from @sicc.makeup

12. Wild Squiggly Eyeliner

When in doubt, recreate this graphic liner look from @kbangerz_, CAUTION: you may be bombarded by compliments. 

13. Two-Tone Graphic Liner

@your_beauty_artist ATE with this two-tone green liner look and left no crumbs. 

14. Two-Tone Green Wing

We are truly in awe of this two-tone winged liner look @lipstickenthusiasm created. *Chef’s kiss*

15. '90s Cut Crease

@juliakmarch’s ‘90s cut crease is so satisfying to look at. Screenshotting ASAP!

16. Pine Line

This pine-green liner look from @itsszena  is ticking all our boxes, consider us obsessed.