How To Use A Beautyblender

Fun, cute, versatile, hygienic, incredibly cost-effective, and pretty much foolproof, it’s easy to see why the beautyblender has fast become the favoured (and TikTok-trending) tool for makeup application for makeup artists and beauty fanatics alike.

Far more than just a regular makeup sponge, its unique shape and top secret material formulation result in flawless foundation, concealer, cream contour and blush blending, giving you gorgeous, glowing skin. Here’s how to use a beautyblender to max out your base game…

1. Soak the sponge

It’s important to always wet your beautyblender before applying makeup – use it dry and your complexion will look cakey. Before each use, run it under your tap until it’s fully soaked, this is when your sponge will double in size! The special aqua-activated™ foam material in the blender absorbs the water instead of absorbing your product, leaving more of it on your skin without getting soaked up by your sponge.

2. Squeeze out excess water

Once your beautyblender is full of water, it’s time to squeeze it out, until it’s damp. Your sponge should now be at the ideal size and dampness to start dipping into your product. For even coverage (and less waste), pour foundation onto the back of your hand, then use the Beautyblender to transfer it to your face. This will help you to build coverage from sheer to full, and to go back and add more coverage to problem areas.

3. Bounce across skin

Sweeping or dragging the beautyblender across skin like a brush simply moves product around, causing streaks and patchiness. Pressing and bouncing it lightly on the skin (known as ‘stippling’) will result in a more even, skin-like finish, and is also much more gentle on your skin. The result is more coverage, with less product needed – and thanks to the pointed tip, means you can press product into every nook and cranny of your face.

4. Keep it clean

Although we may not do it, we know that we should be cleaning our beautyblenders every single week (yep! Every week). This will help to break down dirt and residue build up on your sponge, which will stop the spread of bacteria, AKA no breakouts.

If you’ve been cleaning your beautyblender with washing up liquid, we’re here to give you a little telling off. Cleaning your beautyblender using washing up liquid means that the residue will likely end up on your face, which in time can cause breakouts, so always opt for a proper brush and sponge cleanser. We love the blendercleanser solid!

This story was previously published at an earlier date and has since been updated.