What Is A Crystal Roller And How Do You Use One?

What is face rolling?

Using a crystal roller tool, face rolling is a facial massage technique that aids in boosting circulation in the skin. In the same way that we work out our bodies, think of this as a way to work out your face muscles. Face rolling is how you tone the muscles in your face.  

How does it work?

There are infinite benefits of face rolling. By boosting blood flow in the skin, oxygen is driven to the area. This is a natural form of anti-aging as it increases collagen and skin elasticity in the skin for a plump, glowing look. It also helps products to absorb better into the skin. The tool is also great at relaxing the muscles – so if you suffer from fine lines or wrinkles due to facial expressions, this is perfect for you. Used properly, you can also help to lift the facial muscles for a more defined look. Face rolling helps reduce puffiness and inflammation as the roller will help unblock clogged lymphatic channels.

How do you use it?

You can use the tool on your face, neck and jawline. Apply gentle pressure and start in the middle of the face, working upwards and outwards. Repeat this motion a few times in different areas of the face (for example, across your forehead or mouth to cheekbone) and then make sure you then roll downwards on the outside of your face, down to your collarbone. This is where your lymph nodes are so it’s vital to remove the toxins via here. 

But essentially there is no wrong way to use them, just do what feels good for you. You can apply a skincare product before using the tool to help with slip and get the added benefits from the product’s ingredients. It’s a great way to give the muscles in your face a work out and relieve tension. Make sure to be more gentle around the eye area and use the smaller end of the roller for here. If you want to really de-puff you can keep them in the fridge for a cooling effect.


When should you use it?

A great time to use is in the morning to help de-puff and rid the skin of toxins, or using over a mask to help the ingredients absorb even better into the skin. You’ll get the best results if you use the roller daily.

What should I use?

A great way to enhance your existing skincare routine, this dual ended tool made of high quality jade will help your products work even better. Use daily to combat puffiness and help lift the skin. 

This nourishing facial oil sinks into skin to help de-stress and relieve your complexion. Enriched with hemp seed oil, an oil derived from cannabis sativa seeds which is rich in fatty acids to help calm stressed out skin. The ideal accompaniment to your jade rolling, too.