6 Ways to Use Your Crystal Roller

If you’re not using a crystal roller during your skincare routine, then stop what you’re doing and read on. A crystal roller is the beauty tool for the modern woman, and here at BEAUTY BAY HQ, we can’t get enough.

Not only are crystal rollers linked with the power of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, they can also (deep breath) reduce the appearance of puffiness, brighten skin, improve product absorption, and giving your face a good old workout.

If you’re unsure how to make the most of yours, the BEAUTY BAY staff are on hand to share how they use their crystal rollers to enhance their beauty routine.

Using Face Oil

I absolutely love my crystal roller. I leave mine in the fridge so that it’s nice, cool and ready to use at the end of each day. I use mine with my dry serum by Freck, first I would put a small amount of the serum onto the palm of my hand and the rub my hands together and press the oil all over my face. I’d then use my roller and roll it all over my skin from the centre of my face to the outsides of my face. I always roll away from the centre. I also roll it under my chin and on my jaw line to relive and water weight that is stored there. Maddie, New Business Manager.

Using the Gua Sha

I keep my Rose Quartz Gua Sha Crystal Sculpty Tool in the fridge to maximise its de-puffing and refreshing qualities. I get myself a peppermint tea and apply whichever face oil I’m feeling that day, to make sure the tool doesn’t drag on my skin. Starting at my neck and working towards my forehead, I smooth the tool over my skin and towards the edges of my face to aid any lymphatic drainage and to release tension, particularly along the jawline. I mix up which sides of the tool I use! It always leaves me feeling super glowy and chilled. Kate, Content Assistant.

Using in the Morning for Sleepy Eyes

If you struggle in the morning to look remotely alive like I do, gather round. As a chronic snooze presser, the puffiness that once lived under my eyes was not pretty. Until I met the Rose Mini Facial Roller. Before I jump in the shower, I roll the crystal under my eyes in an outward direction to help drain the puffiness. I was sceptical at first, but my routine would feel empty without it now. The cooling effect on my skin first thing is the morning really helps to wake me up. And the bags? What bags? Olivia, Content Assistant.

Using to Drain the Face

For me, the real benefit of using a jade roller is helping with lymphatic drainage – a form of massage that pushes fluid build-up towards your lymph nodes (which filters it out of your system). My face often looks and feels quite puffy and I experience breakouts and congestion along my jaw, which is a sign that I have a lot of build-up. I used to go for lymphatic drainage facials but then I figured out that jade rolling consistently helps just as well to keep my skin clear and not puffy – and it’s free! The key is to roll upwards and outwards to push the fluid to the edges of your face and then down to drain fluid to your lymph nodes (which are located roughly where your jaw and earlobe meet), but first you have to roll your neck to open up the lymph passageways. Then start at the chin and roll towards the ears, via the nose, across the cheeks, and from the eyebrows and temples. Finally, roll down your neck from your ears. Grace, Beauty Editor.

Using Fresh from the Fridge

Since the rise of the skincare mini fridge, I’ve been using my crystal roller cold, and honestly, it’s totally changed the game. As well as feeling sooo refreshing on my skin, the cold crystals have reduced the puffiness I get around my eyes in the evenings and made my skin feel much tighter, which I love. I’m currently obsessed with finishing my skincare regime early doors then just rolling the crystals over my face whilst watching TV… despite my boyfriend’s eye rolling! Fran, Content Executive.

Using Over a Sheet Mask

There’s nothing better than a Sunday night pamper after a heavy weekend of indulgence. After putting my “go to” sheet mask in the fridge for half an hour leaving it’s nice and chilled, I’ll spend 10-15 minutes with Skin Gym’s Rose Quartz facial roller, rolling in an outwards direction. Using a roller with a sheet mask really ensures all the serum from the mask is fully soaked into my skin and feels amazing, especially on pressure points where I could still be feeling slightly tender from the prosecco the night before! Carys, Account Manager.