5 Innovative Products That Will Revolutionise Your Tanning Routine

We know when it comes to fake tan, you’ve been there, done that, had the streak lines. We also know it takes a long time of trying and testing many brands and formulas to find the tan that works for you, and it’s going to take something pretty special to turn your head. 

But, let me tell you, such head turning brands and products do exist, they are out there. But I’m not going to force you to start the whole trying and testing phase again, I’m just going tell you about the most innovative tanning products that are guaranteed to revolutionise your routine. 


Honesty, tanning doesn’t get more innovative that this baby. TAN-LUXE The Face tanning drops can be mixed with your existing skincare routine by adding one to four drops to your moisturiser or facial oil. The more drops you add, the deeper the tan. Designed to take all the faff out of tanning and ensures your glow is buildable, tailor made and merged into your skincare routine. 

Isle of Paradise Blend It Gradual Touch Up Stick

Oh, how we dread waking up to patchy tan! The embarrassment of the tan lines between the fingers, the shame of missing a patch on your forehead, the mortification of a streaky leg. It’s the stuff horror stories were built on. That would be the scenario, however, if you don’t own the Isle of Paradise Blend It Gradual Touch Up Stick. The tan correcting stick smooths out streaks, nourishes the shamed skin, and can be used for contouring!

bPerfect 10 Second Strawberry Tanning Mousse

If your real problem with tanning is that distinct, but very real biscuit smell – confession: I love it – then you need to be introduced to our good friend, bPerfect’s 10 Second Strawberry Tanning Mousse. The quick drying false tan has a fresh, fruity strawberry scent and a nourishing aloe vera formula that fades without the patchiness. We know you’ll be great friends. 

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson Dripping Gold Wonder Water Self Tanning Facial Mist

If you find the whole regimented tanning routine isn’t for you, but you still crave that silky glowing tan on your face, you need to get to know the Dripping Gold Wonder Water Self Tanning Facial Mist. The super hydrating spray is spritzed over the face before bed, and hey presto, you’ve got an effortless tan without fiddling with tanning mitts and staining the carpet. 

Isle of Paradise Glow Clear Self-Tanning Mousse

As far as revolutionary false tans go, this tan means business. Not only will it dramatically improve the life span of your long suffering, tan streaked bed sheets, it will also dramatically increase your glowing tan game. The Isle of Paradise Glow Clear Self-Tanning Mousse applies clear and uses colour correcting actives to ensure you achieve a natural, golden tan in four hours.