Here’s What Happens When You Use Lipstick As Eye Makeup

Recently we’ve noticed a decline in the traditional when it comes to eyeshadow, with monochromatic smokey eyes and subtle bronze sparkle being replaced with bold, bright pops of colour. Spotted backstage at fashion shows, on our favourite red carpet celebrities, and on Insta-famous beauty pros, colour-block eye looks are officially having a moment. But how to wear the trend? Because shadows don’t quite seem to pack the punch…

It turns out that the insider secret to pulling off the look relies upon a double-duty beauty hack that comes straight from Instagram, ofc. Yep, that’s right, your favourite liquid lipsticks can do more than just perfect your pout. I was immediately taken with the idea of using lipstick as eyeshadow (I love a multi-tasking beauty product), but, as with any experimental beauty trend, I was sceptical as to how achievable it would be in everyday life.

In attempt to discover if lipstick as eyeshadow is achievable and wearable IRL, I set myself the task of wearing it every day for a week. I used an eyeshadow primer to prep my lids before applying Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Candyss over the top – using the doe-foot applicator to pat the colour onto the centre of my lid, and a rounded crease brush to blend out the colour in the same way I would my usual powder eyeshadow. 

So Can You Use Liquid Lipstick As Eye Makeup?

Thanks to the liquid texture it applied very smoothly, but dried down quickly – if you want to do any blending you’re going to have to work fast. What’s more, because the matte lipstick formula is extremely waterproof, instead of finding my eye makeup all over my face by the time I got home, it was completely intact – the matte texture holds in place, preventing colour from fading throughout the day/night.

The result was a far cry from my usual neutral-toned eye looks but throughout the day it increasingly grew on me – it’s a bit different, a bit daring, and (whilst not something I’d wear in a serious situation) it certainly doesn’t look as bizarre as I thought it would, and I earned some major compliments from strangers stopping me in the street.

But what about the rest of your face? Keep it simple; a natural complexion, subtle blusher, a few flicks of mascara, and glossy lips (the contrast in texture really sets off the matte eye) is ideal for daytime. Then by night, dial it up with strong highlight and false lashes.

I didn’t have to conduct much research to learn that not all lipsticks are equal when it comes to wearing them as eyeshadow. In fact, some of them are downright dangerous – due to the fact they often contain carmine, an ingredient which can cause allergic reactions and stain skin. For that reason, it’s important to select formulas that are labelled as ‘eye safe’ like Jeffree Star’s Liquid Lipsticks (which also come in a full rainbow of colour options).

Red eye makeup has major #trending appeal on Instagram right now, but there aren’t many powder formulas that pack the punch. Go all out and layer Redrum on thick, using the applicator to trace a rounded shape across the crease of the eye and draw out the colour into a short blocky wing. Tidy up with a little concealer and you’re good to go.


Granted, brightly coloured eyeshadow might not be for everyone – but you can still embrace this beauty hack and stick to your taupes and metallics thanks to neutral shades like Pussy Whipped. Dab onto the centre of the lid and use a fluffy blending brush to shift product upwards and create a gentle gradient effect.