We’re Obsessed With… This SPF Lip Oil

Whether my look is ‘no-makeup makeup’ or full glam, you’ll find me wearing a lip oil most days. Combining the high-shine finish of a lip gloss with the nourishing formula of a lip balm, lip oils are having a major moment right now, and if, like me, you love the idea of a glossy lip but hate the stickiness of a lip gloss (and still want the moisturising properties of a lip balm) you’ll love these lip-perfecting formulas. 

My favourite is the Naked Sundays Glow + Go Hydrating Lip Oil SPF 50+ because (aside from the fact it’s the perfect subtle shade of pink), it goes a step further than every other formula I’ve tried by offering SPF 50. There are very few lip products on the market that have SPF protection, so people tend to forget to protect their lips, even as the awareness of the importance of daily sun protection grows. The lip area in particular needs protection because the skin is very thin and delicate and therefore highly susceptible to the damage caused by UV rays. Aside from initial burning, UV exposure can also lead to cancer, and lip cancers are not only one of the most common forms of skin cancer but also particularly dangerous. 

Like I said, it’s not that easy to find lip products with SPF, so to find one that also happens to look good, feel good, and contains nourishing ingredients like amino acids, vitamin E, and watermelon extract, makes this a product well worth shouting about.