34 Neon Nail Art Designs We’re Obsessed With

Neon nails for summer? It’s a must. To our absolute delight, neon nails are making their annual comeback for the warmer weather, and we’re definitely not complaining. 

From minimal-but-bright tips to eye-catching abstract designs, neon really is the trend that you can make your own and luckily for you, we’ve got all the neon inspo you’ll ever need right here. 

Get ready to fix your neon craving with 34 super-fun neon nail designs, that we know you’re going to be obsessed with.


We are beyond obsessed with this funky, neon detail set from @nailsbyashleighr. Screenshotting ASAP.


Mix n match your neon shades in an on-trend aura design. Thanks for the inspo @sandynailsbeautysalon.


White French tips? We don’t know her. Go for a bright-orange tip at your next appointment like @elica.nails, you won’t regret it.


These sheer neon tips from @nailedxlahuacha are a big yes from us. Screenshotting ASAP.


Can’t decide between two neon shades? Use them both! @jordanward_nailartist_x is showing us exactly how it’s done.


Bored of plain white, French tips? Add a touch of neon to your next French tip design like @bambinailss, you won’t regret it.


Neon yellow is always a staple for summer. @kellykmbeauty, you have nailed this one.


If its neon and abstract, then we’re definitely going to love it. Thanks for the inspo @by_hannahtaylor


These neon stars from @thenaillologist are giving us all the summer feels! Recreating ASAP.


Channel some 80s retro with a set like this from @andrea_nails_dk. Neon literally never looked so good.


If you wanna go with a matte vibe for your next set, this neon-but-matte abstract mani from @nailsby_avril is the one to take inspo from.


@nailsbybrooke___ is showing us how neon is done with this pop-art flower mani. Obsessed.


Go pretty in (neon) pink like @pegi_nails. We love this hot pink abstract design.


Take your tips to a whole new neon level with a set like this from @sapphirebeautylounge_. Beyond obsessed!


@bysarah____ is providing all the neon inspo with this bright orange set. Texting our nail tech. right. now.


Keep your neon super minimal like @_ashbeach_. @chicago_the_best_nails you have nailed this abstract design.


Can’t choose between plain or a pattern? Get the best of both worlds like @_nailsbyjulianna and just get both!


Neon orange and pink is a combo that we’re always down for. Thanks for the inspo @clawanddagger.


Keep things simple but super on trend like @gelsbyaysha. We’re obsessed with this neon yellow set.


If you’re into funky, fun and colourful designs then stop your search and say hello to this set from @glosssy.and.co.


Neon orange is a big vibe and @lucy_nails_beauty is showing us just how it’s done.


Bright, funky and summer-ready, need we say any more? This set from @nail_gal__ is a big vibe.


Serving nothing but positive vibes, this set from @nailart.bycaroline is so up our street.


Go green with your next set like @nailartbysig. We’re obsessed with this neon green abstract set.


@nailartbysig understood the assignment with this neon stars and swirls set. Obsessed.


If you just want a subtle pop of neon in your next set, look no further than @nailsbysam88. We’re in love.


Neon vibes incoming!! This multi-coloured neon star set from @ognails is pure perfection.


This neon lightning set from @paintedbypaula is a big summer vibe. Recreating ASAP.


@prettyfinenails understood the assignment with this green and blue swirl set. We’re obsessed!


It’s smiles all round thanks to @sogelous. So. Cute.


Give your nails a lil retro neon makeover like @talishasnails. Obsessed.


If it’s neon green, pink and abstract then best believe it’s going to be on our list. @the_gel_centre you have nailed it.


Struggling to decide on your favourite neon shade? Skip the decision and just get them all. Thanks for the inspo @thegelhouse.


If you can’t resist a touch of bling in your neon set then you’re in the right place. This set from @zo_nailsx is providing allllll the vibes.


FYI: This article was previously published at an earlier date and has since been updated.