Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial For Summer

The weathers getting warmer, nights are getting lighter, and summer is officially on its way. And that only means one thing, it’s time to add a pop of colour to our nails

Bright, playful and holiday-ready, painting fruits on our nails is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to our manicures, and we’re beyond obsessed with this watermelon aura design.

Super easy to recreate, with gel polish and eyeshadow (specifically our Retro Love Palette), this design is perfect for all nail lengths and shapes, and is definitely going to put you in a summery mood.

Scroll to discover how to recreate this watermelon aura design for yourself…

Step one: base

Start with a fresh application of builder gel. If you want to learn how to use builder gel like we have here, this tutorial is the one for you.

Step two: watermelon pink aura

After curing your last layer of builder gel, do not wipe them clean. Then, take your hot pink eyeshadow on a fluffy eyeshadow brush, and start by dabbing the colour into the centre of the nail, to create an aura effect. We’re using Cupid from the By BEAUTY BAY Retro Love Palette. You don’t need to cure this layer.

Step three: green french tip

Using a fine liner brush and a bright green gel polish, paint a French tip on each nail. Cure for 60 seconds in your lamp.

Step four: top coat

Repeat your design on each nail. Then, finish the look by applying a gel top coat to the whole nail, to lock your design in and prevent chipping. Cure in your lamp for 60 seconds.

Step five: cuticle oil

Once your top coat is cured, apply cuticle oil to the cuticles to keep your nails healthy and strong.