42 Pink Nail Design Ideas

The Barbie aesthetic is a big vibe right now, and if we needed another excuse to have pink on our nails, this is for sure a valid one. If you’ve been living under a rock and are now sat wondering- what is barbiecore? Basically, it’s alllll about the pink, a little more pink and oh, some more pink. 

Pink nails bring you a whole new world of designs, whether it’s soft baby pink, hot neon pink or a bright pink chrome, on long or short nails, the options are limitless, and we wanna get involved.

Ready to imbrace your inner Barbie but lacking the inspo? Scroll to discover 42 pink nail designs, that you’re definitely going to love.


Chrome is always a yes from us, but make it pink and we’re sold. Thanks for the inspo @beautyxelsie.


This sweet and floral manicure from @bymilliel is giving us all the Barbie vibes.


Amp up your pink french tip with a full design on your ring finger. This zebra design from @chlosbeautnails is a yes from us.


@hannahs.beautybase is serving nothing but Barbie aesthetic with this hot pink zebra design. Obsessed.


We’re never not going to be obsessed with a chrome detail mani. @ivetteznails has nailed this one.


Pair your baby pinks with a hint of chrome like @nailart.with.abi. We are loving this mani.


This mix n match mani from @nailsbybrooke___ is totally up our street. Pink mani = leveled up!


Pink chrome and baby pink are a Barbie match made in heaven. Thanks for the inspo @nailsbyshannen__.


Did somebody say strawberry glazed donut? We are beyond obsessed with this baby pink chrome mani from @nailsbyxioooo.


Level up your next pink mani with a croc design like @nailsbyyliv. You won’t regret it.


Yeehaw! This pink cowboy-hat mani from @studio22nails_ is everything.


@thegelstudio_ is giving us all the pink inspo with this super sweet, strawberry-french design.


Pink chrome nails don’t get any better than this… You have nailed it @thenail_teq.


We’re crushing on this abstract pink mani from @toripainted so hard. Obsessed!


If you’re looking for something sweet, this pink floral mani from @vv_journails needs to be on your radar.


We’ve got stars in our eyes thanks to this super-cute pink starry design from @__byamyy


@bambinailss understood the assignment with this hot pink set. Recreating ASAP.


We’re ditching our regular white French tips and opting for baby pink next time. Thanks for the inspo @bambinailss.


Abstract designs are a big win from us, and this pink and gold set from @miarosemua is ticking all the boxes.


This strawberry milkshake mix n match set from @nailartbychlo is so up our street. Obsessed!


Thanks for the inspiration @rmnailtech, we are beyond obsessed with this mix n match set.


Simple, but super cute, this pink squiggle set from @shenailedit_bymolly is a big vibe.


Abstract squiggles are having their moment RN and we’re here for it. Thanks for the inspo @sophiemorgannails.


Amp up your regular French tip with double colour design like @sophies.beauty.bar. We’re obsessed!


If you can’t decide on one design, just get them all. @_nailsbyjulianna is showing us all how it’s done.


Pink and orange is a combo we will never get sick of. Thanks for the inspo @aimeestokesbeauty.


This hot pink mani from @bychelsey_ is *chefs kiss*. We’re opting for this shade at our next appointment. 


These abstract pink French tips are completely to die for. Thanks for the inspo @byrachelbennett_.


@clairestarknailartist is giving light baby pink its moment with this mani. The touch of shimmer is just *chefs kiss*.


Pink nails have never looked better thanks to @dovenailsbysharon. Obsessed.


Super sweet and floral, these pink nails from @fizzzynails are to die for.


If you can’t settle on one shade of pink, why not try them all? @gel.bymegan is providing all the inspo.


@indiesbeautyroom understood the assignment with this pink floral set. Obsessed doesn’t even cover it.


Adding a charm to a simple mani is the perfect way to spice things up. Thanks for the inspo @kenzklawz.


This ombre French tip design is alllll over our feeds right now, and this set from @nailz.krystal is ticking all the boxes.


Combine your Hailey Bieber manicure with a little pink and you’re onto a winner. @polished_dtla has nailed this pink chrome, abstract set.


A simple but super cute pink chrome tip can never go wrong. Obsessed with this set @polished_nailsandbeauty_.


Mix n match your next set like @srirachanails. Obsessed.


If it’s baby pink and abstract, we want it on our nails. Thanks for the inspo @nails.ninetynine.


@pineapplegelnailss has nailed this abstract pink set. Obsessed!


This pink chrome set from @vanitythrone_nails is our new obsession. Love, love love.


Mix n match mani’s never looked so good. @sandynailsbeautysalon is providing alllll the inspo for our next pink themed appointment.


FYI: This article was previously published at an earlier date and has since been updated.