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You’ve heard about it, we’ve got the deets. We’re exploring the big trends that you’re gonna want to know about this month. 


What does wellness do?

Wellness has become a catch-all phrase for a health-conscious way of living. Whether it’s adding chia seeds to your smoothie, getting zen at a hot yoga class or taking time to whack on a facemask and settle in to your favourite Netflix series, self-care is (quite rightly) cooler than ever. So why now are we reaching for healing crystals, jade rollers and detoxifying ingredients?

In 2019, we never fully switch off: Work emails ping through to our phones, when we’re not at our 9-5 we might be working on our side-hustle or perfecting our Instagram page. Not to mention keeping up with endless WhatsApp chats and actually, you know, trying to enjoy our lives. It’s no wonder that making a conscious effort to switch off has become not only a scheduled event in our iPhone calendars, but is weaving its way into our daily routines.   

What do skincare ingredients actually do?

Waste? We’re over it. Skincare products with a smaller ingredients list are pulling focus in the beauty community and we’re here for it. If something’s going on our face, we want to know what it is, where it’s from and what it does. Innovative ingredients like mandelic acid, copper, Vitamin F, Kakadu plum, marula oil and gold are on our skincare radar.

Anti-pollution products

We’re all about city living for late night pizzas and Ubers on every corner, but battling pollution is yet another issue for our skin to tackle. Anti-pollution and detoxifying products are perfect for protecting your skin from the horrors of your commute (we can’t do anything about that annoying guy with the massive backpack on the train, unfortunately).


Reusable products

Packing your makeup bag with reusable/recyclable/refillable products is getting easier every day. As more and more of us reject single use plastic, and become more aware of the sustainability of the products we use, brands are releasing exciting ranges that reduce our impact on the planet. Switching up some of the main offenders also relives us of that environmental guilt and gives us one less thing to stress about.


Yoga skin

Yoga skin is as much of a feeling as it is a look (bear with us). This trend is the embodiment of the inner-joy you feel when leaving a yoga class… What that actually means is, embracing your skin – and its flaws – and focussing on its health and creating a natural, glowing complexion. The MUA credited with inventing this look @sarahillmakeup explains: ‘ It differs from glass skin because it’s not polished perfection. It’s skin that looks real, raw, healthy, hydrated and glowing. It’s about beautiful skin, great skincare and embracing the no makeup makeup vibe. It’s not for everyone. Makeup styles, like everything in life is down to personal taste. But if you fancy giving it a go just add a few drops of facial oil into your water based foundation, a few drops of liquid highlighter and apply, I like to use my hands to massage it in, however, you can use a sponge if you prefer.’


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