6 Best Liquid Highlighters of 2020

With summer on our doorstep, we tend to switch our hot drinks to iced, and our powder products to liquid. And as we all want to look our gleamiest and glowwiest this time of year (while trying not to appear sweaty, it’s a hard balance, we know…), what better way to prepare than to add a liquid highlighter to your collection? 

Read on for our six favourite liquid highlighters – whatever kind of makeup look you’re into.

The best liquid highlighter for… full glam, out-out makeup

If you’re a full glam gal, there’s nothing better than a sickening highlighter. You want your cheekbones (and Cupid’s bow, nose, life, soul…) gleaming to the high heavens – but you certainly don’t want to have to cake on loads of different products to achieve that. So where better to turn than to highlighter king Jeffree Star? Just pat a teeeeensy dab of his Liquid Frost Highlighter wherever you want to glow, and you’re good to go. Your cheekbones should come with a warning sign.

The best liquid highlighter for… the ‘glass skin’ look

The ‘glass skin’ look is perfect for those who love ‘no makeup makeup’. If you want to look like you sleep 12 hours a night, drink gallons of water and exist solely on organic leafy greens – ‘glass skin’ might just be your jam. Glass skin is all about radiating wellness – like your skin is so clear it’s made of glass. But we all know that due to midnight Netflix binges, fried chicken takeaways and gallons of lockdown-induced G&T’s, that ‘lit from within’ look might not come oh-so-naturally. Which is fine, because you can fake it with BeautyBlender’s Glass Glow Crystal Clear Highlighter. Its non-sticky, transparent formula means your cheekbones will be gleaming naturally, with no tell-tale sparkle or shimmer. All while still enjoying boxsets and pizzas. We won’t reveal your secret if you don’t.

The best liquid highlighter for… bangin’ body shine

Don’t let the glow stop just at your cheekbones – body glow can be an amazing way to take your outfit to the next level. If you’re wearing a shoulder-skimming top or spaghetti straps, applying a little bit of body shine to your collarbones can really make you stand out on the dance floor. The same goes for your legs – once you’ve moisturised, buff on on some Makeup Revolution Molten Body Glow in your chosen shade with a large kabuki brush. It helps to even out the tone of your legs, as well as making them look healthy, shiny, and the perfect accessory to your night-out ‘fit.

The best liquid highlighter for… your perfect match

Achieving flawless highlight starts with the shade of highlighter you choose. When highlighter first started to become a big part of everyone’s makeup bag, it seemed like it was a ‘one size fits all’ situation – the shinier the better. However, now highlighter has become a routine staple for all, brands are working out how to cater their tones to everyone, for a perfect base every time. If you have dark skin and choose something too light, it can look ashy. And if you are very pale but choose something too dark, your makeup will look streaky, or patchy. So, like Goldilocks, it’s super important to get it just right! Luckily OPV Beauty has an illuminator for everyone. Simply opt for the colour best suited to your tones and go for it!

The best liquid highlighter for… getting your base just right

When you’re looking for that all over, Summery glow and your matte base just isn’t cutting it, it’s a great idea to customise your foundation. Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops are clever little things – on their own, you can use them as a gorgeously shimmery liquid highlight. But when mixed with your foundation of choice, you can switch up the finish of your base, to ensure full coverage, with a natural glow. Multi purpose? We love to see it.

The best liquid highlighter for… targeted glow

Liquid products are perfect to avoid the dreaded cake face – who wants to have a face full of powder during a heatwave? But they do come with their own issues, ever experienced the ‘Summer slide’ – when all your makeup seems to have evaporated halfway through the day? It’s not the one. Luckily you can glow on the go with the Bali Body Highlighter Stick. With its targeted wand and lipgloss-sized packaging, it’s mega easy to subtly reapply throughout the day – so you can stay glowwy and gorgeous 24/7.