We’re Obsessed With… This MUA-Approved Brush Cleaner

A lot of people don’t realise the importance of keeping makeup brushes and sponges clean, but as someone who’s worked as a makeup artist, it’s a force of habit for me to ensure that they’re cleaned after every use. When makeup builds up on brushes and sponges it affects the quality of application, damages the tool, and creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which transfers onto skin and can lead to increased breakouts. Yep, once you realise this, you’ll never look at a dirty makeup brush the same way again… 

The thing is, cleaning brushes and sponges is a tedious chore, especially when they’re caked in several weeks’ worth of foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer, and eyeshadow… While you might be tempted to reach for the washing up liquid or run your brushes under really hot water (we’ve all been there), this can cause damage that reduces the quality of your brushes and sponges over time. Neither method is that effective either (trust me), and by continually scrubbing and re-washing your brushes, you’ll only cause further damage. Noticed your brushes moulting or looking mis-shapen? This happens when the glue within the brush handle melts and bristles are cleaned too aggressively. 

While professional brush cleaners don’t come cheap, they’re worth paying for if you want your tools to last well and you’d rather avoid the unpleasant skin issues that can arise from using dirty brushes. I’ve tried many over the years, but I’ve always come back to Cinema Secrets’ Professional Brush Cleaner. The no-rinse formula literally breaks down makeup in seconds – and you only need the tiniest drop. What’s more, because you don’t need to use water, both brushes and sponges dry instantly, so you can start using them again almost immediately after cleaning. It’s easy to see why pro makeup artists are such big fans.  

Personally, I’m never without a bottle of Cinema Secrets in my bathroom cupboard. I always buy the larger size (it’s the best value) and (because you only need such a small amount) it lasts me for months. I also use the Sigma Beauty Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat to ensure the solution reaches throughout my brushes, and I always store my brushes upside-down after cleaning so they keep their shape and don’t lose bristles. If you’re ready to turn over a new leaf and commit to a brush cleaning routine that’s as thorough as your skincare routine, you know where to start.