The Best Vibrators For Beginners

Buying your first vibrator can be daunting. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of sexual wellness products out there, and even intimidated by the funky shapes and sizes of some of the vibrators on sale. But there is no such thing as a one size fits all and it can take a few buys, tests, and tries to find the vibrator that works best for you.

Like all things beauty, research before buying is crucial. If you already know you prefer internal to external stimulation (or visa versa) then don’t buy a clitoral vibrator just because your friend recommended it. If you don’t know what kind of stimulation you prefer, do a little research!

To help with this very important investigation, here are six of the best vibrators on BEAUTY BAY for beginners.

My Viv Slim Vibrator

My Viv are a go-to brand for beginners. All their products are simple, unintimidating, but oh so effective. The Slim Vibrator is a nice starting point for newbies as it can be used both internally and externally. With three speed settings, seven pulsation modes, and a five-inch length, the vibrator is ideal for taking things slow and getting to know your body. The low price point also makes the Slim Vibrator an ideal first buy.

Smile Makers The Surfer

Smile Maker’s The Surfer is a clitoral vibrator designed to be used externally. The rounded head and little fins are purposely placed to help create focused stimulation, while it’s tiny size (just under 10cm) makes it perfect for beginners who want a little extra control. With a super discreet sound, waterproof finish, and three speeds, The Surfer is a good buy for anyone looking to explore external stimulation.

Dame Products Zee

Bullet vibrators are always a great for getting to know your body and wellness needs. They’re small, unassuming, but can really pack a punch once you know how and where to use them. Dame Product’s Zee is no different; the classic but versatile shape is unintimidating and great for helping you relax if you’re feeling a bit nervous about the sexual wellness process. Designed to be used around the clitoris and vulva, the Zee has three speed settings that are great for building confidence.

My Viv Pebble Personal Massager

One of the main benefits of looking after your sexual wellness is discovering what works for you and your body. You may be looking for a vibrator because you find penetration uncomfortable and want to explore external stimulation. If this rings true for you, My Viv and their Pebble Personal Massager is an ideal buy. The vibrator fits perfectly into the palm of the hand for control, while the tapered edge is designed for targeted stimulation.

Unbound Bender

Unbound’s Bender vibrator is exactly what is says on the box: bendy. A perfect design for beginners who want a little more freedom to explore, the vibrator can be used both internally for G-spot stimulation, and externally for clitoral stimulation. Its flexible design and ten-speed setting make it perfect for getting to know your body and finding pleasure that’s comfortable.

Smile Makers The Billionaire

The Billionaire is the classic shaped vibrator that most people begin with as it can be used for both internal and external stimulation. One of Smile Makers’ bestselling vibrators, The Millionaire is hailed in its reviews as being one the best first vibrators for getting to know what all the fuss is about and finding your vibe. The four speed settings, two pulsation modes, and waterproof finish make it a good companion wherever you are most comfortable.