5 Brow Hacks For Your Best Brows Ever

Ever since Cara Delevingne catwalked into our lives in 2012, brows have been a big deal. Although eyebrows are seen as the most important feature of the face thanks to their framing talents, achieving great brows à la Delevingne is a tricky art to master. Not only do you have to work with what you’ve got, learn how to perfect them, and take them to monthly appointments at a salon, you also have to come to terms with the classic, but no less annoying, fact that eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

Great eyebrows take work, patience, and lots and lots of practice. But, as with all thing’s beauty, there are some sneaky tricks that you can follow to get your brow game #onfleek. Keep scrolling for five of the best eyebrow hacks straight from the BEAUTY BAY staff that could change your whole beauty game.


Don’t be afraid to get your fingertips involved when creating your brow looks. Countless tools and products have made your fingertips nothing more than grippers when they’re actually really great for shaping your brows with control.

“I always apply my brow gel first and then brush the hairs down,” Rochelle, Social Media Executive explained. “Once the formula has set a little, I brush them back into place and set them with my fingertips.”

Chloe, also on the BEAUTY BAY Social Media Team, follows a similar method: “I like to hold my brows up with my fingers for 30 seconds before I apply any products. This gives my brows a really natural arch I can follow.”


We have somehow decided that brow products have to be applied in a certain order. Most of you will be applying your brow products with your powder, pencil, or pomade first, followed by plenty of blending, and finishing with gel. But, as Milly, the Senior Brand Manager explains, there is a better way.

“I style my brows by dying, shaping them with a brow gel until they look the way I want them to, before filling in any sparse hairs with crayon.”


If you’re looking for the ultimate laminated look that doesn’t require a trip to the salon, a clear brow gel is your BFF. The key to nailing that electrified brow look (and faking big brows in the process) is knowing how to make the most of your brow gel and how to manipulate your brows into place, as Senior Marketing Executive, Alex, explained:

“I take a clear brow gel and apply it all over my brows. I let it dry a teeny bit before taking a spoolie and brushing my brows up when the gel is stiffer.”


If you’re struggling to keep up with the brows trends and you’re still trying to achieve the perfect ‘Insta Brow’, we have a hack for you too! You’ve probably been applying your brow crayon from the front of the brow or by framing them with a subtle line to create an easy-to-follow stencil. Well, our Beauty Editor, Grace, is here to tell you a better was of honing that sleek brow look.

“Brows look so much more natural when you apply your products from the centre of the brows and work the product outwards. This way, you don’t end up with a heavy brow that requires all the blending or too much product where the brow hair is sparser.”


Speaking of brow trends, if you’re trying to achieve the latest go-to look, aka, the fluffy brows, there is a surprisingly simple method to follow. Just as all millennials will remember from circa 2008, backcombing is the ultimate method for creating a big, fluffy look (back then it was hair, not brows). As our Beauty Editor, Grace, explains, backcombing works for all brow types for achieving feathery eyebrows.

“Simply backcomb the brows with clear brow gel before going back through, brushing in the direction of the growth.”