How To Laminate Your Eyebrows At Home

Whatever your brow shape, you can’t go wrong with the trending laminated brow look. For those who are unsure, a brow lamination involves semi-permanently perming the brows in place to create a feathered and fluffy look. 

Whether you have unruly brows, over plucked brows, or barely existent brows, everyone can benefit from the treatment, and even better – we all can embrace it without having to join a beauty tech’s waitlist thanks to Makeup Revolution’s Brow Lamination Kit.

Keep scrolling to read our beginner’s at-home guide to brow lamination.


Before starting the treatment, wash your face and dry thoroughly to make sure the skin and brows are free of makeup or product. 


Prep the brows by brushing the brow hairs upwards or in the shape you want to laminate them. 


Take the Brow Glue included in Makeup Revolution Brow Lamination Kit and lightly stroke it through the brows in an upward motion using the micro applicator wand. 


Next, brush the Lifting Solution through the brows using the spoolie, ensuring all the brow hairs are covered from root to tip. 

For an enhanced lifting effect, place some cling film over the brows and leave in place for six minutes before gently removing and wiping off the excess with a dry cotton pad.


Use the Brow Fix solution to set the brows into place and repeat the cling film method. Allow the solution to develop for six minutes before wiping away the excess. 


Once all the product has been removed, brush your brows back into place and apply the Hydration Serum to keep the brows nourished and hydrated. 


Keep your freshly laminated brows looking and feeling feathery with Makeup Revolution’s Brow Lamination Aftercare & Growth Set. If your brows need filling out, try using Makeup Revolution’s Laminate Brow for a boost.