7 Beauty Products We’re Recoupling With This Summer

New season, new beauty products. As we (finally) emerge from winter, summer calls for a less-is-more approach to beauty – say goodbye to dark lips, full coverage foundations, and heavy skincare, and hello to gel-textured serums and creams, glowy skin, beachy hair, flashes of colour, and a strict approach to sun care… 

But summer beauty doesn’t have to mean an entirely new skin, hair, and makeup routine – if you’re looking for inspiration to make a few tweaks for the season, you’ve come to the right place. These are the must-have beauty products that Team BEAUTY BAY are swapping into their everyday routines for the coming months. Scroll down for reviews and treat yourself to a few summer stock-ups. 

Saturday Skin Press Pause Moisturising Beauty Essence

“Ask any makeup artist what the secret to luminous, dewy skin is and they will say skincare. That’s right, you can layer on the highlighter, but there’s no way makeup can compare to the glow you get from naturally well hydrated skin. I’m religious about wearing hydrating serums and moisturisers all year round, but in the summer months the combination of heat and air con plays havoc with my easily dehydrated skin and I need something a bit extra. Essences sit somewhere between serums and creams in terms of their formulas (my favourite, Saturday Skin Press Pause Moisturising Beauty Essence has a light gel texture) so they’re perfect for layering in-between. Granted, it’s an extra step in your routine, but for the sake of a healthy summer glow, it’s totally worth it.” – Grace, Beauty Editor 

Milani Baked Bronzer

“I know summer is coming when I have the urge to use my bronzer anywhere and everywhere. I wear Milani’s Baked Bronzer in Dolce pretty much every day of the year on my cheeks, but in summer I like to fake a shimmery summer glow, and not just with tan. I take a large powder brush, the biggest in my brush pot, pick up plenty of pigment and just go wild dusting it where the sun would naturally hit: collar bones, the tops of the shoulders (if they’re on show), the front of my calves, and even the top of my arms. I know an instant shimmer would do the same job, but the gold shimmer pigments in the bronzer look and feel much more natural with dewy holiday vibes and look gorgeous when the light catches. Plus, no need to scrub hands after!” – Liv, Content Assistant 

Mario Badescu Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea

“Considering I have Spanish genes, I do not cope well with sun or heat. I am also the hottest person on earth – seriously ask anyone at BEAUTY BAY HQ! To keep me cool on my holiday recently, I didn’t move an inch without my Mario Badescu Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea Spray! You can use it under or over your make up so it doesn’t budge anything, and the smell is so refreshing. Whenever I need some freshening up or a top up of moisture, I always reach for it. It’s the perfect summertime extra for my shelfie and it comes in two sizes meaning I can keep one in my apartment bathroom for hot UK days and take one on my travels with me”. – Stacey, Producer 

Skindinavia Oil Control Setting Spray

“I am in love with Skindinavia’s Oil Control Setting Spray, we’re definitely recoupling this summer! It’s honestly the best setting spray I’ve ever used, I’ve tried a fair amount of setting sprays and this is the only one that works for me. It keeps my makeup on all day or night and it stops me from becoming super oily which is a feat in itself! Skindinavia owns the patent on the formula which scientifically keeps your face cool for over 16 hours so it’s no wonder that it works like no other spray. I’m so obsessed that I have the mini travel sized version too so that I can stay set and oil free on any trip I go on.” – Emma, Account Manager

Isle Of Paradise Express Self-Tanning Mousse Ultra Dark

“Unfortunately, I am not naturally gifted with a golden, sun kissed glow, so I’m always looking for a tan that makes me look like I’ve just come back from a month in the Maldives. Due to naturally being quite pale, I prefer the look of a darker tan, particularly in summer when I can’t hide my pasty limbs underneath a heavy jumper. That’s why I am obsessed with the Isle of Paradise Express Self-Tanning Mousse in Ultra Dark. This tan develops into a rich, golden tone that doesn’t look fake and lasts for up to a week. It’s my absolute go-to during the summer months to help me achieve my ultimate bronzed glow.” – Kate, Content Assistant

Freck Faux Freckle Pen

“Summer for me is all about going back to basics with fresh, natural skin which couples up perfectly with a sprinkling of freckles. I like to add a few extra to simple makeup look by using the Freck Faux Freckles, to give that effortless no-makeup makeup vibe. I place them where the sun would naturally hit – across the bridge of my nose and cheeks, with a few on my forehead. They’re so realistic that no one can tell that they’re not yours!” – Olympia, CRM Manager