How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly

If you ask us, nothing pulls a look together quite like a lipstick. Whether it’s a signature red lip during the festive period, a bright and bold statement lip to dress up your LBD, or an understated nude lip for an everyday vibe, you can guarantee each and every lipstick we own has earned it’s place in our collections.

Despite being the cornerstone of our makeup bags, applying lipstick flawlessly every time is no easy feat. As with most things though, practice makes perfect and a go-to guide always helps, so we’ve created one containing our top tips for applying lipstick like a pro.

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That whole ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ notion that our school teachers told us about turns out to be pretty true when it comes to applying lipstick. Who knew?

If your lips are dry or chapped to begin with, your lipstick will be harder to put on and is sure to flake or smudge throughout the day, accentuate any cracks. Avoid falling at the first hurdle by exfoliating your lips, smothering them in lip balm, and allowing it to sink in properly before you begin.


We know it’s tempting when you’re in a hurry but skipping the lip liner is asking for trouble. Lip liners both define your natural lip line and prevent your lipstick from bleeding, so they’ve earned their place in your makeup routine. Be sure to select a liner that compliments your skin tone or (if possible) is a good match to the lipstick you’re about to apply. 

If you don’t have the fullest lips, lip liners are also a great way to cheat their size and shape slightly – just trace a neutral pencil over the edge of the lip line to adapt them accordingly.

First Base

Don’t go in too heavy handed when applying your first coat of lipstick – take your time and use a lip brush if you prefer. We recommend starting at the centre of the upper lip and moving out towards the corners, then repeating on the lower lip. Go back and fill in any missing colour at the end.


Once you’ve nailed your first coat, take a piece of tissue paper and gently blot over the lips. This step makes your lipstick last longer and keeps it off your teeth – extremely essential (nobody wants to be that guy).  


Next up, apply your second coat of lipstick. The precise work is done (phew), so this step is all about layering up to increase longevity and create a more pigmented finish.  


Want to plump up your pout? Top your lips with your favourite lip gloss. We find the best way is to gently dab a small amount of gloss onto the lips, starting at the centre and working your way out.


Finally, adding a touch of highlighter to the cupid’s bow can add a different dimension to the lips, creating the illusion of a fuller pout.

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